Saturday, May 26, 2012


I really have to work on the whole Willpower thing people talk about. Setting a goal, heading out to complete it, and just when I'm about to reach the end, something triggers me and I just stop trying. I was almost there.. I was.
I know, I know. Its useless just whining about it, just go and do it blah blah blah. I know. It just frustrates me so much when I don't get the results I set out for, even though inside I know it was up to me to make those things happen. And I couldn't do it :'/
Then later you ask yourself, why COULDN'T you do it? Sad.
Gotta work on it.

Past week has been hectic, evvvverything going on. New hobbies, new activities, new friends, old friends, get-togethers, family committments, long hours, finishing assignments. No wonder why I had no spare time this week. But its ok. I quite liked it. Being busy although exhausting and sometimes stressful gives me time away from my thoughts. Those deep, dark, sometimes irrational and illogical thoughts. Those ones that just keep you awake at night.
The moment I turn off my light and get into bed, my eyes close and I just switch off. It's quite a change from the norm. And I like it. :)
The cold weather must have something to do with it too. Electric blanket IS love. haha.

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