Thursday, May 17, 2012

Just terrible

Terri-bad? Thats a word I haven't heard being used in a while..
So what's just terrible, you ask?
Me. I'm terrible. Terrible at comforting people when they're down. Terrible at stopping the tears from falling out. JUST TERRIBLE! Even the people who say nothing but 'there there' and leave after a pat on the shoulder.. actually no that's pretty bad too. LOL. Sure I might talk alot about ridiculous stuff, have noob opinions and laugh about stupid things almost 24/7, but when it comes down to these 'there there' situations I have aaaabsolutely nothing to say :\
One such occasion happened today where my friend had eyes swollen to the size of tennis balls and was sobbing her heart out. Ofcourse it was about a guy, what else? Girls these days. pfft. HAHA I kid.
Sure, I didn't know much of the story and only had a general idea of what was happening, but why didn't I say something atleast a little empathetic? Cause totally, when you're crying you want to hear 'don't worry about it, time for clinic, lets go in and own it!'
.... this girl is pouring out heartbroken tears of SADNESS and you're just talking about going to clinic? ERR. Then came the "I'm going to hug you now, and its going to be awkward.. *hug* don't cry.." I literally said that. Shoot me now. Why, oh why, was I the only one in the bathroom..

More crap to say, clinic was a bummer. I guess its the first clinic in a while thats been shitty.. but I don't know, put me in a gay mood. I felt.. unsatisfactory. I felt incompetent. Who breaches infection control policies at this level!? Sigh. Another slip up could cost me that pass I so desperately want. Not being dramatic, no kidding. That's what my tutor said. I need to focus more when I'm in there. Fo' reals. It's not like I've exactly put in 110%. Which is noooo good. no good at all!

I guess from today's events I've learnt that I have a few aspects of myself that I really need to work on. Wait, doesn't that mean I have to change? Ofcourse it does. Change is for the better, if you're changing for yourself. The right reasons. Whatever makes you happy :) You know what makes me happy? You. Wow, this is off topic.


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