Monday, December 29, 2014


MAN it has been an age and a half since I last posted.. What can I say? No feels to post. Too busy I think haha.. So what has happened in the last month or so?
Well for starters I managed to pass 4th year. Thinking back on it all..How did I do it?! I don't even quite know. 
So thankful to the people that supported me throughout. Couldn't do it without you all.
I was super over the moon about my results because surprisingly they were the best results I have had since I started, and in the most difficult year as well!? And in the only year where I brought a boy home to my parents? Must mean that he's a good influence ehy? ;) hahha We were both actually scared that if I failed then my parents would think hes no good for me. Welp, no need to worry about that anymore. Mum and dad, I've got a good one.
One of my close friends failed though sadly, and I'm sure a few others also. Having to re-do fourth year is.. unimaginable. I don't think I'd be able to do it again. Like when I did the Umat, I told myself that if I don't get through it in that year, I wouldn't try again because I simply couldn't put myself through it again. The amount of time and effort and not to mention tuition fees put into year 12- wow. Traumatic. lolol 
Exactly my feels for fourth year. Who knows what I would have done if I failed. Cried my eyes out first and foremost ofcourse.
But not to worry. Its all over :) BRING ON FIFTH YEAR! I'm pumped.

The whole of December I spent alot of my time working. So much so that I started to dislike going to work. Who reeally wants to work on Boxing day? But then when I have days off work and I'm able to spend them however I want- hiking, badminton, hanging with friends, enjoying the moment- I feel like Its all worth it. Would I enjoy my free time if I had it ALL the time? Work makes me really make use of the time I have to just chill out and do what I want. So its really not a bad thing :)

Merry Christmas for last Thursday by the way people :) It was a nice one. Spent with my parents and Simon. Too bad both my brothers weren't in Adelaide for Christmas, would have been good to have the whole family around. Zhen is coming back tomorrow from Malaysia though! Excite! I actually miss him alot. Sibling bond strong.
Anywho, we cooked Christmas dinner and finally for once got my dad a present that he likes and will actually use. Chrome cast- cause my dad is so tech savvy these days. Allows you to play things off your laptop/phone/tablet and cast them onto the big screen via Chrome. Super awesome. Spent the rest of the night watching the Dubai badminton world championships. haha ofcourse we would. Asians.

Vegetarian lasagne made with three different cheeses. Asparagus, broccolini and pumpkin on the side ;)
To sum it all up, I've been having a good holiday so far :) Got home from crabbing at Thompson's beach not too long ago- first time raking for crabs. So tiring! And super sun-burnt. But hey, where the fun without a little risk. Risk of skin cancer... ok maybe not so fun. 

Happy Holidays everybody! New years coming up soon- have you made your New years resolutions!? I need to get on it.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Fingers and toes crossed.

One more exam tomorrow and I'm finally done with 4th year! .. for now. Haha.
Trying to keep a positive mindset on my results, apparently they're coming out next week. On the bright side, if I get a supp then I'm still in Adelaide :)
This year was the first time I wasn't able to finish my exam within the allocated time. Was super upset about it.. I thought I'd be okay flicking through it at the start, but every question took me a while to think about, until there was 15 minutes left and I realised I wasn't even close to the end of the book. I kid you not, my hand was cramping from how fast I needed to write and my brain was pounding from thinking at the same time. Crossed out a bajillion times because I wrote too fast for my thinking process. Haha..
I worked it out after, there were 22 pages of questions, and only 1 hour allocated. The other hour was to write 2 essays. What even. I have a feel that multiple people in our year will complain about it. I really hope they do. Because I was in such a rush, everything I wrote was very sub-standard. If only I had more time.
They say fourth year is the toughest one, and until last week I didn't believe them.
Sure, Clinic was taxing and there was so much to learn but damn, these exams really raped without lube. Fingers crossed for tomorrow!
Kind of lost the motivation to study for tomorrow though, last exam and all.. Plus we had a one week break between the 3rd exam and the last one.
Hope I won't need to re-do the year, but I guess it wouldn't be the worst thing. More experience = skill level over 9k, yea?

Been celebrating a little too early though. Straight after my 3rd exam and after smashing out my oral surg case report, I totally chilled and just spent a whole day vegging out and sleeping. Literally woke up and ate, then slept then woke up and ate again. HAHA.
Then the weekend rolled around. Felt nice to make an effort to look half-decent and go out for dinner :) Super enjoyed. Sunday morning was spent helping my dad and his volunteer group pick up rubbish around china town, then had a Sturt lunch to go to, then badminton. Only just started studying for my exam. Thats how laze I have been. Eurgh.

Can't wait until tomorrow is done!! .. I really need to clean my room. Legit pig sty. If you know me, you know I'm not exaggerating. I'm actually the biggest slob. I can leave dirty dishes in my room and not be bothered. If I'm lazy I'll just chuck my worn clothes back in the cupboard without folding them. My bed will never be made unless my dad tells me to. I can go a whole month in exam period without doing my laundry. Think about how much laundry that is.
... good luck future husband. HAHA. ♥

Gin Long tomorrow night with my high school girls. Cannot. Freaking. WAIT! Been wanting to go for ages and ages and ages. Maybe like a whole year.
Epic jun is going to explode with fun-ness and activities tomorrow at 3:15pm. Oh man. So many activities. Badminton, hiking, running, swimming, tennis, movies, cooking, blogging, shopping, cleaning, piano, guitar, eating, partying, drinking, EVERYTHING!! And so much sleep-time :')

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Oh, The Feels..

Ofcourse there had to be a 4am blogpost SOMEWHERE during swotvac. Although, Swotvac this year for us is a prawny 5 days. How is that remotely enough time for crammage?? No freaking clue.
I'm so tired, Ladies and Gents. I want to sleep, I really do. My eyes are dry, my neck is sore, my back is about to break, my butt hurts from sitting on this hard piece of crap that we call a dining chair. I should have used a cushion. You'd think that my fat arse would be enough cushion to last the study session, but today's Endodontic Adventures have lead me into a 6-hour marathon of lectures.
13 lectures for this topic, each one hour long. Ofcourse, I never do things right, I simply put the settings on Speed x2.0. 6.5 hours? I think I can manage that. But as usual, things never go to plan. Why? Procrastination. It's a serious problem, don't judge me. Suddenly everything other than study seems a whole lot more damn interesting.
So in my 6 hours I'm up to Lecture #8. I'll just put it up to my epic notes that I have taken the time to make. Yea..
4 days left until my first exam. Quite unhappy that they've put the most difficult two topics within the same exam. And then you have useless shit cropped together like Geriatrics and Community dentistry. What the hell even is community dentistry. What in the world is Population Health?
I wish I could answer that question but I really, truly cannot. Why? Because I don't give a chicken in a basket.

So much to study, so little time. As usual, as always. Whats new?

I came across a blogpost, one of the many you can find in 'Elite Daily'. Heaps of blogposts full of assery, but many I find relate to a whole range of situations I have been in, and really make alot of sense. One of them I happened to chance upon was about marriage. 15 Honest Questions The Person You Marry Should Be Able to Answer.

" #13. Will you not allow yourself to let go?

Will your partner take care of him or herself by eating healthy and exercising? Will your partner get regular checkups and take vitamins? This may sound silly, but I’ve seen what letting yourself go can do to a marriage.

Moreover, I’ve seen how not maintaining your health can make the lives of those closest to you incredibly difficult.

Yes, your family should take care of you when you need to be taken care of — but it’s your responsibility first and foremost to take care of yourself. No people should become a burden to those they love."

This was one of the points that really made me stop and think. We're now at the age or at the stage in a relationship where our health and well-being is not only important to ourselves, its even more important to those we love. Those we will be spending the rest of our lives with.
Sure, accidents happen, people get sick. Thats life. But if we can prevent sickness and mortality.. why not?
If not for yourself, but for your partner and family.
No one wants to become a burden to those they love.
So next time when you're working on a ladder and it seems kind of wobbly- get someone to hold it. If no one is there to hold it, find another ladder. Next time your eyes go blurry, go see an eye doctor. Next time you cut yourself, put a bandaid on it.

Sure, there are times when we're too busy to make appointments. But we need to start making our health a priority instead of something we just follow up if or when we have time.
..Now I just need to read this quote to my dad. Hahah

Happy Studying, everyone.

Saturday, October 18, 2014


Guys, I gotta be honest with you- haven't been in the best mental state these days. Emotionally, that is.
I don't know when I became this way.. So easily irritated, easily annoyed- one comment can just set me off. It's exhausting.
Its gotten to the point where I'm annoyed at myself for being so upset all the time. I ask myself 'Why are you upset?', and I can barely answer my own question.
No people, its not PMS. Like I always say, people CAN be mad and NOT be PMS'ing. They're called feelings. If you know me, you'll probably be aware of how much it ticks me off when people just assume a girl is on their PMS if they're even the slightest bit irritated. Sure, its a possibility, but its highly insensitive to just dismiss a girl's emotions, and attribute the feelings to PMS. Maybe she's ACTUALLY mad at you, cause you were being a dumbass.
There are so many better things I could be doing, but I choose to sulk and be a knob. Even the last time I played badminton, I shocked myself at how mad I was getting at myself. Every shot I messed up, every smash that went into the net, every time my footwork failed me. I'm usually quite a level-headed person, especially in badminton.
Lately, I don't know.

Need to learn not to be so sensitive. Not to over think things. Not to make up stupid scenarios in my head. Not to take things to heart.

Need to have more confidence in myself.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Soppy stuff

Hey there everybody.
Had the urge to blog today. Could be the copious amounts of coffee I've had today, could be the lack of sleep driving me insane. Could be that I have an exam/test tomorrow and I'm still trying to finish off my notes. Every. Single. Time.
I tell myself to be more prepared, but we know its not going to happen. Somewhere between badminton, friendships, relationships, uni, Modern Family and procrastination, I'm supposed to find time to write up notes!? What is life!? haha
Dad is pestering me to be a better student, using the whole- "You know how it is, people get into relationships then fail the year.." FUUU
Dad, If I fail the year, its because I'm not smart enough. Not because I'm in a relationship.
Past years have told me that although I may not have been the most prepared, I always push myself to get the work done in time. So its not a matter of how much hardwork I put in- because I always put in approximately the same amount of effort into my work, but how well I've grasped the concepts of the topics I've been studying.
Bottom line- If i fail, its my own fault. And I will be responsible for my own slip ups and exam mistakes. Why you blame duh boyf? luls.
If anything he makes me study more. Not like in previous relationships where I'd be sacrificing study time for fun time. If onnnnly dad knew.

Simons gone off to Coober Pedy today for work. Won't be back for 5 days.
5 days. What is 5 days really? Just 120 hours, just 7200 minutes, just 432 000 seconds, Jun.
I'm at that point in the relationship where I don't want to be away from him for even one day. Two days is pushing it. Three days I'm about to crack. By five days I would have cracked like Humpty Dumpty and my egg yolk heart will be splat on the floor. And if its a hot day it would have started cooking within a couple hours. Then the magpies and ants come and eat my soul. My soul goes to heaven but then gets rejected cause I wasn't from a Free-range chicken.
Woman, what crack are you on.
Anywho, being serious now, I'm glad I've found someone that I will miss if I don't see for a even a day. Even half a day. It's not often you find someone you're comfortable with, in doing everything.
Farting, pooping, skid marks, ingrown toenails, bears-in-the-cave, messy hair, hobo clothes and all.
Sorry, I'm grossing you out. I'll stop. I promise. haha
Unhealthy relationship you say? Seeing each other every day?
I used to say a definite yes. Yes, it is unhealthy, couples arn't supposed to be joined at the hip, to be considered one Unit, to be so engrossed in each others lives. Based on past experience, you should see them maximum 3 times a week. Absolute maximum.
But hey, my views have completely changed. And yes, it may still be a little bit of an 'Unhealthy' relationship, but if you don't feel this way about someone, sometime in the prime of your youth.. then when will you ever?
Never thought I could handle being around someone so often. But its happened. Oh goodness. Sure he annoys the crap out of me some times, but thats nothing an elbow to the face can't solve. :D
I shall stop talking your ears off with boring relationship stuff.

Promise I'll give you a few months break. Hahaha Just happy is all :)

Monday, September 29, 2014

Take me to the show!

Late post but better late than never. Always look forward to posting about good days. So I can remember the feels! And one day I'll look back on these good posts and reminisce.

Was super good weather for the show- first time going to the show alone with the boyfriend. 
Love that he's up for anything if its with me. And even though this was the billionth time going, it was different because it was with him. Cheese to the max. Eurgh. But this is who I am now. ahahhaha. Ultra cheese, super love, uber couple.
People keep telling me how happy they are for me, how I look so much happier than I used to. And I would agree, one hundred thousand percent :)

We spent the whole day walking around, looking at every single stall, tasting everything there is to taste- Yellow-brick road bag LOL yea, we did it. Haunted house ride, and '9D' experience. Heads up for next year, please don't go on either of them. We were thoroughly disappointed, and both times walked out dafarking at how much we just paid for nothing. hahah but no matter. Atleast we tried. YOLO ROITE!? HAHA..
Following that, Ferris wheel fun times, showbags and fireworks. ♥

No one else I'd rather spend the whole day with. LITERALLY the whole day. 9am - 10pm. Exhausted by the end, definitely.

Aaaand now to get on with exam study, hooray for my one week mid-semester break lolol. Enjoy your off time, people!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Bad day

I'm glad dear Daniel Powter made the song Bad Day a good one. Such good feels. Reminds me that my problems really arn't that bad, and that by tomorrow it probably won't even matter anymore. I instantly start singing the song in my head when I see the words bad day. Or when I'm having one.
Which was like today.
This morning rather..
Just when I feel like I'm improving and getting on the tutors good side, I go and eff it all up.
Why was I so slow today? Why did I have so many problems doing the most simple things!?
I always think to myself "The odds must have been against me", whenever I have a bad clinic session.
Again, making excuses for my slip ups, for my lack of time management, for my lapse in judgement.

Bad days are good.
They kick me in the face and tell me to wake up a little bit more each time. ahhhh.

I can't even explain how stressed out I was this morning.
I started off so positively, thinking only good thoughts, planning out every little thing I was going to do..
The instant one thing goes a little south, I do another thing that makes me think to myself - What. am. I. Doing.
And then its all downhill from there. Such a vicious cycle. Theres no coming back.
3hours later, I'm still sitting there trying to construct a temporary crown for the third.. fourth.. fifth time. Things just keep going wrong. This shit never happens in the lab.
I couldn't count the number of times I thought about just flipping the table and telling the tutor to screw off. For one, why must you constantly talk down on me infront of the patient? Definitely benefits zero people involved. I'm already about to blow and instead of flicking me a couple words of encouragement, why not just intense-stare me more and bombard me with questions?
I felt like crying exactly twice.
Thats two more than I have ever felt like crying in clinic ever.
I'm usually quite level headed in clinic. I rarely panic or lose my shit. But today, oh man. I don't even know.

To make things worse- no lunch, and rushed straight to emergency unit for the afternoon session. To see more patients. Yes.. I know. Whinge whinge whinge.
I wonder if this is what its going to be like in the future. I guess these things will happen.
What can you do?
Just take a couple deep breathes and tell yourself to get your shit together. New patient, fresh start. OK.

Enough with my rage about my day.. I just had to get it out there.
In other news..

The Show on Sunday :) The only thing thats getting me through this On-week. Eurgh.. Sunday come sooner.
Also my parents are leaving to holiday in 2weeks, YET AGAIN without me D: haha I don't so much mind anymore though. I have people here to take care of me. heh. Not that I can't take care of myself. But its nice to know theres someone to lean on when I need. A super good feeling. Like nebber before.

Time to get some shut eye. Glad the day is over. :D
Have a good day tomorrow, peeps :)) And remember. No matter how bad your day might be. Someone, somewhere in Clinic 1.2 fixed pros on Wednesdays will be having a worse day. lol.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Whale you be mine?


Gym membership ran out about a week ago- A part of me was relieved.
That guilt that I felt each passing day that I didn't go.. No more of that! Hahah.. Why have a membership if you never go, Jun? tsk tsk.
Oh wells. Went to Sunday training yesterday and then this morning went for a run.. just because. Thankful for such chilled out Mondays. All Mondays should be like today. Wake up for morning run, eat some epic meal time, go shop for abit and run errands.. lectures at 2.. spend the night with my loved ones.. ;D more like loved one. Cause there be only one. Apart from family. But you know what I meannn.

Hopefully since the weathers getting better I can start running more often. Absolutely killed my legs though. Calves, thighs, butt.. everything.
Walking up the stairs is slow. But walking down the stairs-- that is something else. Jeebus. So much effort and focus to make sure my legs don't buckle and collapse under the weight. HAHA. Like carrying a whale.
It's been forever since I've done that much exercise- training yesterday kicked my freaking ass.
HAHA A good thing I guess, then maybe I won't be so bad at singles.
I knew my badminton was getting worse, just because of the zero effort put into it.
For now I'll try to get my fitness up, so I won't fail so much, and maybe badminton will be fun again.
Always still itching to pick up a racket and have a hit.

Its quite depressing though, I have to say. Being in the middle of training and having to stop between drills to catch my breath.. Running for 10 minutes and needing to slow down and walk abit. I used to be able to smash out training sessions and run 12kms without stopping. Definitely let myself slip, without even really realising it.
Time to get my shit together and put abit more effort into it.

Completely irrelevant to topic- my hair is finally growing out. Maybe I'll stop cutting it for abit. lol but if you know me, my impatience will get the better of me, and out come the scissors.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Moon Song

I just had a 6 hour nap. Although, a nap is not a nap anymore after anything pushing 3 hours. Lets just say I had my first sleep. Haha.. and now killing time until I feel like sleeping again. Also need to study for rem pros tomorrow. Just cause I realise how little I know after almost a year of study in this area.
So- 3am and no ones awake.. What to do?
I hope I don't regret this..

Wanting to play for more people but always too shy to.. 
I sit there with the guitar/uke in my hands and just sorta but kinda not strum.. try to sing abit but get too embarrassed. 
Aside from my family I don't think I've played for many others, and even then it took me years to play anything while my parents were listening. haha.. That being said, that doesn't include the odd dental camp/ staff party tipsy jam sessions. Ah, fun times.
Anyway, no chance I'd upload onto Youtube cause .. people can be mean. So where better to show than my own blog? :)
Less chance of scrutiny, judgement, less people watching, less comment ability, no pressure to collect likes. LOL just like when I post on twitter as opposed to facebook. No one wants to hear my cool stories on facebook, but on twitter its just normal to cool-story, and people don't care. 
In my opinion the song sounded better on the uke vs my guitar, so I borrowed my brothers.
Haven't had much experience playing the uke.. I can play like 2 songs lul. Lucky for me its relatively easy to pick up the more simpler chords. 
First heard it on David So's youtube, where one of his friends sang while he played the guitar. Thought it was a cute song but didn't think much of it. Then Simon re-introduced the song cause he was learning it also. Hahah.. ofcourse I had to look it up and learn it too.. #crazygifs
Only listened to the song a couple times to get the gist, so I'm pretty sure I've got the melody wrong in about 6 different places, and the lyrics are quite possibly off also. HAHA oh well.. Got tired of singing after awhile.
Anyways, enough of my rambling- Happy Thursday! :)

Monday, August 11, 2014

Growing old

Hello lovely people!
Birthday celebrations need a blog post so here goes-
Happy birthday to meee! Well, its over now but.. the celebrations continue.
Had an epic hot pot with my family on the night of my birthday, organised a dinner with the high-school people Friday night, and spent most of Monday with my dental kids at a cute corner store cafe. 
And this Friday looking forward to having Viv and Shannon stay over at mine for a movie marathon! :D
A few photos for your perusing..

Super thanks to my Rosemay for organising the epic durian cake for my highschool dinner get-together..
Really meant alot to me, putting that much effort into my birthday. Besties for a reason.. ♥

21. People say this is the age where we finally reach adulthood. The age of responsibility. Me? I don't feel any different. Still the same crazy, immature, lame person I was 5 years back. Haha.. Good thing maybe?
I hope to be still fun even when I'm 80. 
I think the only thing thats changed is my thoughts about the future. Constantly thinking about it, and always thinking about how I can save up for it. I've started reading through my first property investment book. LOL. JUN? Thinking like an adult? What the actual eff.. haha 
I dunno, I was just talking to my parents about rental properties and decided to get a book off ebay. Stupid Jun. Could have just borrowed it from the library. Rookie mistake.. haha oh wells. Atleast I can take my time reading it.
Hopefully I'll be able to understand the process more and how to go about it, maybe get my foot in the door as soon as I graduate and find a job.
Job prospects have also been on my mind all the time.
Urgh. I just want a normal life with a cute cottage, epic husband and 3 kids. Is that too much to ask for!? Haha.. The answer is yes. That is a huge ask. And its something I need to work hard for, so hard work will be done. Mr husband, please work hard also, please be smart with your money and make better decisions than I do.

Other than that- the same durian loving, badminton playing, guitar strumming, noob of a girl.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Lost without you

So it finally happened, I lost my phone. We all knew this day would come. Anyone who knows me would tell you how much of a nob I am with my belongings, how everything I touch will instantly break or somehow turn into dust. I don't mean to be careless with my things.. I do try to be aware of my belongings and what I'm doing with them, where I put them, how I treat them. But with me, shit just happens. Clumsiness. lol. My family still calls me Ms. Drop. For obvious reasons. And I don't blame them. Haha.. Not something to be proud of, I have to say. Must address this issue before I have my first child, and accidentally drop him/her/it.
Anyways, what was I talking about?
Oh yea. Dropping things. This time instead of breaking my phone (cause it was already broken anywho), I lost it. It's probably super lonely on the 273, just chilling by itself. Poor phone. I'm sorry.
I really need to be more careful with my things. But then again, its not like I'm actively trying to lose/break/drop things.. So how to fix? Just keep trying I guess.
POINT IS. Facebook me if you need me. LOL. Cool story bro.

Forgot to mention- I passed all my exams. And also all my Clinic sessions. :D 4 written exams and 7 clinic sessions. Who would have expected me to pass them all? BUUUT I did it. And super proud of myself, really. I was so sure that I didn't have a clue. Maybe I need to have more confidence in how much I do know, how much I did study. I focused too much on the things I had yet to cover, the things I was unsure of. Which was good in a sense that I would strive to fill in the gaps of knowledge, but really made me feel super down.. alot of the time. Just thinking about the immense amount of crap I had not yet covered. But hey. Its over now. On to the next part. I must thank Simon for keeping me sane over the exam period though. I was literally about to blow. Support from friends, family, significant other is seriously one of the best possible feels. Just to know that there are people rooting for you to do well, people hoping for your improvements and success. Super good feels. :) Defs makes me want to try harder.

Badminton tournament on the weekend.. what can I say. First tournament in a long ass while where I did not win anything. No runner up, no plate winner, no nothing. Didn't get to win that pair of socks that I didn't even want. LOL. I don't feel so bad though. Its not a big deal to me anymore. I thought to myself.. I have two options. I either start trying harder and playing more, actually put effort into the sport like I used to.. Or just stop putting so many cares into my badminton care-cup.
At this point, badminton is very low on my list of priorities. Sure, I like having social hits every so often throughout the week, but I don't so much look forward to the competition side.
Who knows, maybe I'll change my mind. But for now I think my cup of care is running dry.
Table tennis anybody? LOL joke I'm ploppers at table tennis.

Happy Wednesday Everybody!  ♥

Monday, July 7, 2014

To party, or not to party

Waiting for my Tv eps to download before I cook my noodles so I thought this would be the perfect time to blog. "Jun, why don't you go and cook your noodles while you wait for your downloads to finish?" you ask?
Well, you probably did not ask but I'm TELLING YOU ANYWAY. ahaha
Cause when I prepare my food before my stuff downloads, which happens 70% of the time cause I just get too keen for food.. then I'm sitting at my desk- yes, I do eat in my room alot- and think to myself.."Damn. Should have waited til my Eps had finished downloading so I could watch as I eat." Instead, I start eating first and then later must watch the episode all alone, with nothing to do. I always feel like I could be doing something else while watching Tv.. I can't JUST watch tv, there are things to eat, books to read, objects to draw, projects to finish! :D
But yeah, that was a very cool story bro- I'm so sorry many thankyous.
On the plus side, my Eps are almost done! LOL
Efficiency Plus a hundred.

SO whats up? Finished my exams last week- and already a week of holidays has gone by.. So fast. One more week to go. Atleast I have victor harbour at the end of the week to look forward to!
Excited to take Simon's car for a long-awaited cruise, I'll get my fulls today or tomorrow I'm hoping, so I'll be able to do some of the driving. Haven't driven manual since his car got defected so I'm super looking forward! It'll be legal for me to drive it at last! Too much of a beast for P platers.

Oh hot damn. I always deny it, but maybe I do have a thing for cool cars. Prepping an awesome music track to play for the ride, and also all day long in the house cause there will be speakers there. Happy music. 90's music! Shieeet, them RnB feels.. I can't wait.

Its the 7th today, which means one more month until my birthday. I should be busy organizing a massive birthday party, like I had always wanted.. But I really, truely am not feeling it. And that should be enough to change it into something else right? Its not the usual excuse- along the lines of poor organizing skills coupled with laziness.. this year its more like- who do I even want to invite? and honestly I only want to invite a small group of people. I don't want a massive party full of people I don't even want to see, people I don't see much anyway, people who I know don't reeally wish me happiness, right?

Thinking hard about what to do now, leaning towards something small for my 21st.
They say to hold a huge one so that I don't regret it.. But why would i? If anything, I'll look back at my 21st and be glad that I spent it with only the people that matter.
What can I say.. if I'm not feeling it, I'm not feeling it.
Just like that saying- you can't choose who you love.
I'm choosing not to love throwing a big party. ahaha. First world dilemmas. ahh.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Done and done

Good news everybody, I'm finally done with exams :D Hah. Well, whether I did well enough or not is a whole other issue- we shall discuss that later if need be. Please buddha, let me have scraped through.
Just thought I'd make a quick update post- since I haven't in a while. Thats how much I was studying- I'd like to say. haha I definitely am the queen of procrastination. If you know me, you already know.

So I got round to watching The Fault in Our Stars a couple weeks ago- was really looking forward to it, since I did enjoy the book. In my opinion the book was alot better- but I say that about many films.
I think I just prefer reading it, the stories play out alot better in my head. And after that I have the highest expectations when the movie comes out, only to be disappointed!
Having said that, it was super touching.. well what story about cancer, family, relationships and death arn't? I'd still recommend watching it. Not mind blowing- but worth your while.. Will make you appreciate what you have, instead of always comparing yourself to others and wishing you had more.
We have enough :)
Well I certainly do anyways. Couldn't be happier at the moment. ..Can we just pause life here?
Alas, we cannot. So making the most of now, living life in the moment, all that jazz- really makes sense.
Before we know it, time will pass us by and we'll be thinking back to happier days.
LOL what a bleak way to look at the future.
Reality is, we don't know whats going to happen. It very well could be full of sad moments. When and if those times come, all lifes hardship and BS, we'll deal with it then.
This very moment though, I'm thankful for so much. Thankful for my parents, constantly looking out for me, worrying about me because I don't worry about myself- making sure I don't drink too many energy drinks, calling me to ask when I'll be home because the man on the telly predicted a thunderstorm..
Thankful for my friends, being there when I need them, for me to turn to when I need solutions, and when I'm freaking out about exams, want nothing more than to help me.
Thankful for good health, being able to run around, being able to do what I want.
Which reminds me- BADMINTON AWAITS :D hur hur hur.. I think this is the only exam period where I completely stopped playing badminton. 3weeks have passed and I've missed it each and every day. My heart has definitely grown fonder, and I'm super craving/aching to play.

Also- Victor harbour is coming- more memories to be made. Heeeells yea. 

Happy Holidays people! Take up a new hobby, do something different, clean up your room!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Insane in the brain

Feel like this is the most un-productive study period before exams that I've had so far. I knew this time would come. It's taken almost 4 years but yea, I may indeed bomb out on my exams.
I always say that I feel like I'm gonna fail, but I know that deep down I know what I'm doing.
This time? No idea. No idea what might happen, what questions might crop up, how shat I will do D':
Duh slightly worrying. lol. Never the mind. One more week.
I'm having the best time of my life.
Passed all 7 of my clinics WHAT UP!? haha.. But I've always loved clinic, definitely prefer it over theory.. well who wouldn't? I'm loving the hands-on, getting yo' hands dirty, getting into dem root canals :D weeee
Love it.
Finding more time for my family also, spending time with my parents as they wind down from work. It makes a difference, making sure I'm there at the right moments. Ofcourse, I'm still away from home quite abit, doing things for me.. but yea, I think I'm handling well.
Sort of paused with badminton, not really feeling it right now. But thats ok. It certainly doesn't mean I'm any less fond of it, but for now its not a huge priority for me. There are more important things :)
I'll get back onto it after exams.
Planning a victor harbour trip with my brother, Simon, and duh bro's girlfie ;) hahhah Not sure if I'm allowed to mention that or not but.. He doesn't read my blogs anyway. HAHA. What he does not know, shan't kill him. Can't wait!! Sure its only for 3days but, I'll be glad to get away from Adelaide for abit. Getting a little restless over hurr.
Definitely didn't have any reason/train of thought/good ideas for this blog post, simply posted cause I felt like ditching study for tonight and going straight to bed. And I would give myself that luxury but.. I did that last night.. and the night before. So I'm trying to keep myself awake.
LOL Its getting to the point where all this study is building up and I'm reaching the 'part-where-jun-panics'.
There is ALWAYS that part. It comes with every exam period. Inevitable. haha.. It slowly edges to a moment where I realise how much I don't know in comparison to everyone else, and one night when I'm just sitting at my desk, I'll start to hyperventilate and break down in tears. Anxiety, pressure, feelings of inadequacy.. Crazy I KNOW. I. have. issues.
In the past I've only really briefly mentioned it to one person, and when I told him, he told me to just take deep breaths. Actually breathe. I tell the same thing to my patients when I'm just about to give them a needle. "Give me a deep breath in through your nose for me.. and now out through your mouth. You're doing super awesome."
It really does help, as simple and as stupid as it sounds..
When the time does come, I just need to breathe. Then take a couple steps back from my books and realise how minuscule my problems really are. SO WHAT if I don't know the answer? I know the answers for other things. And even then, so WHAT if I end up doing badly? There will always be that opportunity to redeem myself. And passing that point, WHAT IF i end up having to re-do fourth year?
More years of dentistry, more experience before the real world right?
I'd much rather prefer having a dentist who re-did fourth year and aced it, than someone who barely scraped through and passed on supps.
That being said, I still want to pass it the first time round. LOL probs just trying to justify my reason for potential failure. COME ON JUN. You can do better than that. hahah..

Going to visit my grandma at the temple tomorrow. Long time no see, Grandma.. its been 5 years. Man, alot of time has passed since she passed away, so many things she would have been happy to have seen. Me getting into dentistry, her first great-grand-daughter being born, my brother getting married, Dad finally re-finding Grandpa's grave.. eurgh, the feels.

Happy Sunday people! ♥

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Fall out

Ladies and Gentlemen, my apologies for being afk for so long!
Literally away from the keyboard since don't we all do things on our phones these days? lol..
All of a sudden its almost time for mid-year exams. In just over a year and a half I'll be graduating! (hopefully).
Scary to think what happens after graduation.. Sure I've got the degree and supposedly adequate 'skills' to be a dentist, but what if no one employs me? What if I'm unemployed for a long time? What if I need to move interstate for work? Overseas? Man. Its one of those issues I just push to the back of my mind every time it pops up. Why? Cause I'm scared. Scared of what the future holds. Scared of how much I DON'T achieve.
But ain't no body got time to be scared. Scared of spiders? Punch them in the face, nigeria please. Scared of clowns? Kick dem in the balls. Me.. scared of life? Ridiculous.
I need to have more confidence in myself, I really do. Game face on >:)
That being said, confidence really depends on how well you've developed your knowledge base. If you know your shit, you can be confident that whatever the situation, you'll know what to do.
So whatever you do do guys, (LOL she said doodoo) make sure you read up on it.

Clinic has been raping me up the arse without lube. Some sessions are not too bad, but today was stressful let me tell you.. Patients coming in with pain, wanting the pain to be removed.. Dear patient, stop being a pain in my butthole and remove yourself.
Ah, I must not be so harsh, so heartless.. But for real, your diet looks like something I'd eat if I was locked in a bloody Handorf lolly shop for 20years. Ofcourse your teeth would be 'effed', as he himself described it.
On top of the emergency care clinic, having to deal with dragon-lady tutor is not getting any better. Sure, I don't think I sound like an idiot, stuttering away anymore, but goddamn. Picks on literally everything I do, from standing in her way one time, to dot-pointing my self-assessment un-systematically. HOW is this relevant. WILL that make me a better clinician? jeebussssss.
Bad luck to my friend who accidentally crumpled the left hand sleeve of his clinic coat in his bag and got picked on for that. What the actual eff?
Enough ranting. ..For now. LOL.

What else has been up?
Lately I've kind of fallen out of the badminton group. Sure I still go to social from time to time, and I kind of HAVE to play tuesday nights cause well, dat crap is against my will lolol curse this 'nice person' thing I have to be.. Just kidding.
But yea, its just different now. Less friends, alot of judging and gossiping..side glances, snide remarks, awkwardness.. God damn it, if you want to know something, ask me directly. Why go behind my back and ask someone else? I'll TELL you whats up. THEN you may judge me.
It just happens so often now, its mind blasting.
When I was a junior, I used to go to badminton cause I was truely passionate about it, and it was really about the badminton. Socializing was a bonus. an awesome bonus. But as I've grown into the 'older' generation and started to hang with people 5-10 years older than me, I've discovered its not so much about the badminton as it is about gossiping, politics and stupid inside grudges. You'd think that they'd be older so they'd be more mature about things, keep out of other peoples business and have lives OUTSIDE of badminton. 'Hating' me when we've never even spoken just purely off something that you had heard.. thats a wonderful way to live, good job lady! *cue slow clap*
Nigga please, I don't even know who you are.

Sure you may not agree with the way I've handled things and the choices I've made.. But thats my problem, not yours. MY life, so let me live it the way I want to. Dealing with this sort of stuff, I dunno, I guess its out of my control- people think what they want, do what the feel like. If you can't win them over...just stand back and laugh at how much effort they're putting in to dislike you.
It's actually a conscious EFFORT to dislike someone, to hold a grudge, to react negatively to something/someone. I legitimately dont have the energy for that. LOL. I'd rather use that effort on-
♪ Loving youuuu, is easy 'cause you're Beautifullllllll ♥ haha LAMEEEEE.

I blog like I know what I'm doing, what I'm saying- but I don't really.
Happy Thursday everybody! Today you should do something that you love. Or someone. Either way. Do it good ;)

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Tweet tweet

SO as I sit here with my cup of super strong, bitter-as-i-like-it coffee and bag of dried apricots, I wonder when I got so shat at studying. Lol.
I need tissues for my issues. Not happy tissues. Sad tissues. Cry tissues. haha
Its a combination of my attachment to social media and also my short-attention span. I didn't think I was hooked that badly, until I try to sit down and study. The moment I take out my book and prepare a clean piece of pad paper, I start to feel lonely. LOL not the 'no-body loves me' kind of lonely, but the- SOMEONE TALK TO MEEEEE- kind of lonely.
Lately its like if no ones physically around me, I need atleast a means for them to reach me. So I must always be available online, or via text. Jeebus, this sucks a big one. See, even now while I procrastinate my study for the perio test on Friday morning, I feel like I need to be talking to someone, hence the blogging. Indirectly talking to MORE than one! Efficiency strong.
Sure, I adore my so called 'alone-time', ie sitting on the bus, walking aimlessly around town, laying on my bed doing absolutely nothing, gymming..
But then again, even then I'm not really alone. Always surrounded by people, always nearby a computer or a phone. Theres even wifi in the gym now, people. Tell me HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO FOCUS!? Haha. I used to need to turn on my 3G to get internet in the gym, so I never bothered since my 200mb cap is always used up by the first week of the month.
Heck, I'd have so much TIME on my hands if not for social media.

Not to say that I'm totally addicted, cause I don't think I am. Pretty sure I could do without it, if I wanted to. Its just the CONVENIENCE of it all is crazy. Absolutely bonkers.
Ofcourse, all this is now Normal. We don't even think twice to check our phones, even if we did just pick it up about 30seconds before. After all, 30seconds is a lot of time. We could have gotten 5 more notifications. Sarcasm intended guys, I'm hardly that popular.

Whats been up? I've been enjoying life a little too much.
Next 6-8weeks is going to be crazy. Crazy in the sense that I have way too much to study for.
Periodontal tests, paediatric tests, Fixed pros crazy-lady tutor, Oral surg rotation, MID-YEAR EXAMS HOLYSHITWTFBBQ its that time of the year yet again. FREAK OUT NOW.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Circus antics

Silver's circus was preeeetty awesome, boys and girls! 
Tight rope-walkers, acrobatics, that chick who does tricks using them gymnast rings, hula-hoopery, football-playing dogs, cray cray magic tricks, stupid-looking clowns. I was just disappointed that there were no lions. Haha what to expect for such cheap ring-side seats? Lol.
Went to The Pot for lunch beforehand, which was really nice. Definitely more along the high-end pricey class, but I enjoyed it thoroughly :) Who knew cider could taste so nice, so early in the day? So many firsts.

As childish/amateur as other people have described it, I really liked Silvers. Maybe its because I had never been to a circus before. Thats how it goes in life isn't it? If you've never experienced it before, there is nothing to compare your experience to. Same goes for relationships, no? If you've only had bad relationships, when you finally stumble upon a good one, it'll blow your mind.
How do you know you've found the right person?
Someone who makes you a better person. Someone who- could make you strive for things you've never considered. Who supports you, no matter what your decision.
One of my friends who I once was quite close to, recently got into a relationship with a girl who I thought did not suit him at all. But I've been proved wrong, people. In the short amount of time that he's been with her, he has only improved himself as a person. Things that I would never in a million years expected him to accomplish. Very super proud of said person, and happy that he's found himself :)

Happy Wednesday, folks :) I'm enjoying my holidays. Super enjoy!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

So much.

Parents are back today, my freedom is once again over. Oh sigh.
Was not complaining tonight though, driving back and forth from Elizabeth (close to 2hrs in total)- coming home from a long day in the clinic to dinner waiting for me.. Seriously missed my dad's cooking.
Do you even know what I had for breakfast this morning? Instant noodles. I ran out of bread, wraps, egg and cheese..and everything else.. long ago.What even.
Haha. Instant noodles were good though. Super bad. But good. 
My instant noodle making skills have levelled up substantially.
Have you ever met a person that you can spend literally everyday with.. and not get sick of them? Not even for a moment.
If you happen to do so, don't ever let them go. How often will you find someone on the same wavelength? Chances are one in a million. I would definitely hold on to that chance. Stupid not to. 

Random thoughts aside, I need to get back to the gym. For reals. Packin' on the pounds and feeling it. 
I guess I should go weigh myself. Then go to the gym. Haha.
Should probably just start eating less. Why is my love for food so great!? :D such. is. life.
Guess this is my cue to go now.

Pointless post- so sorry very thankyou. Definitely just procrastinating. Dreading fixed pros tomorrow. Please don't kill me, lady dragon tutor.. Your cold stares and angled eye-brows already scare the shit out of me.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Just recently I hit 20,000 views. Haha Sounds alot to me, seeing as I didn't think any body really read my blog. Its more like a one-view-and-never-again type of blog. A special one. Haha..
On the other hand, I've been using this thing for what, three years now? Super long blog times :)

So I think I've been avoiding my blog for a while, simply because I know that when I start writing what I'm thinking, I'm going to have to face my thoughts. There are many thoughts just swimming in my fat head right now. Oh, so many.
Issues popping up left right and centre.. 2014 is so far for the lols.
Then again, 10 years down the track, all these issues probably won't matter. So I'm not too fussed. Positive mind set, epic perspectives.
The one thing I have trouble dealing with lately, is Friendships.
What is friendship? True friendship. Being there for one another when they need it, giving advice without being judgemental, providing that shoulder to cry on, but also making you laugh so hard that you pee your pants.
I think lately I've come to realise who my real friends are, at the same time, realising those who- when I really need help, wouldn't lift a finger for me. I don't blame them, its not like we were ever 'close'. I guess I'd call them 'circumstantial' friends. Those that are my friends purely because they have no choice.
The worst part is naively thinking that they'd all be there for me, support me, but then realising the opposite.
And from that, I've come to accept just how little close friends I have.
At times I think to myself- Who do I have to go to, when shit hits the fan? Who will come out at 3am to jump start my car? Who will be my friend, even through my bad past, my horrible mistakes, my un-wise choices?
I can only think of a few.
At times I wonder- when I'm old, who will be there with me still?
A few nights ago I was out with a group of people who I thought I was pretty 'close' with, a group I thought I had always had fun with. I was there a couple hours, when I suddenly found myself alone, feeling like shit for one reason or another, and standing there wondering who I had to turn to. Then it hit me. I wouldn't turn to any one in that room. Not one. single. person. All either not on the same page, judgemental, gossipy, or who had drifted apart from me at some point.
So I left early, alone. Lol. very un-Jun-like. Much tension in the room, much awkward, much confusion.
From this I guess, it made me sad. But then, I've come to treasure my true friends so much more. I'm glad I have so few close friends, so few that I can count them on one hand.
The true friends, the ones I want to keep in my life, the ones that will make the effort to keep ME in THEIR lives, the ones that will always be there to listen, the ones that don't care how bad of a person I've become, the ones that will simply tell me to get my shit together and be a better person.

I guess thats whats been on my mind lately. All these issues with so-called 'friends'.. I've had enough of it, really.. It's taking up too much of my mind-space, too much of my time, too much of my energy, too much of my care.
Sure, friends are nice. But they come and go. And because they're so fickle these days, who cares what they think? If I really want to do something, I shouldn't let their opinions stop me.
Sure, I've done some stupid shit that hardly deserve mentioning here on this blog, but so what. Everyone has. Eurgh. Its just that this friendship thing has been playing on my mind over and over oh ma gaaahhhdddd so ghey duh ferkkk. Maybe I need a new hobby.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Girls just wanna have fun

I'd apologize for not blogging in forever but, why blog if you're not feelin' it? It should be fun, something you enjoy doing :) Not some sort of chore that you feel you MUST do. Maybe thats how youtubers feel these days. The pressure to churn out vid after vid to please their crowd and gain subscribers. To the point where making videos is no longer something they enjoy. It then becomes an expectation. 
Thats probably the same for alot of things. Too much of anything is bad, its true.

I came home from badminton one night and walked into the living room. The first thing my dad comments on is how sick I look. Sick, pale girl. Gah. I hope it was just that night. But I think I actually feel weak most of the time lately. No matter how much sleep I get, no matter how much work I don't do lol. It's not like I've been exercising like crazy or anything either. Maybe I just need even MORE sleep. yeaaaa thats probably it. haha.

What have I been up to?
Ferris wheel rides, parties, studying, badminton, back to the gym (finally), working, birthdays -HAPPY 21st ROSEMAY!- and graduations.

LOL Busy busy. Always. haha.. Making the most of my 20s..before I turn 21 D: eurghhhh.
Shiet man. To plan a party or not to plan a party? I so ceebs with party and organization. Purely because I am terribly disorganized. I'll have to work on that at some point.

Back into reading, also. And I'm happy that I've made time to get back to it. I had forgotten how I used to feel, getting so into the storyline of the book, not wanting to put the book down. Before I know it, 3am rolls around and I'm half way into a fat book that I just started reading. I had forgotten how much I loved reading. Brings back memories, waking up the next morning to an open book and the bedroom light still on.
Not sure what prompted me to start reading again, I know I made it one of my new years resolutions. But it wasn't til I saw on youtube the trailer for 'The Fault in Our Stars' and saw heaps of good reviews on the book that I thought to myself 'i HAVE to have it'. I hardly ever get excited about buying books. Unless its harry potter. Or a Series of Unfortunate Events. Which reminds me, I have to re-read those. :)
Anywho, as soon as I saw the trailer on youtube and found out the storyline was from a book, I had to order it online. Another 'first' for me, since I've never bought a book online. But I just couldn't wait lol. Maybe I'm just getting more impatient.

After finishing the book, a sort of sadness lingered for a couple days. Not only because I had finished the book and so my bus rides would revert back to its dull book-less routine, but also because the ending was sad. Eurgh. I usually cannot take reading about dying people, people who have cancer, people who are less fortunate.. But I had a feeling that reading this book would make me appreciate life so much more. Appreciate those that care for me, those that look after me, those that love me. Appreciate being ultimately healthy, safe..alive. and yea. shit like that. HAHA. this is getting way too cheeseballs, i know. But dayum. I feel it guys. I feel it.
I will admit, the book wasn't THAT good. It was no Harry potter. The storyline even, was predictable. But I'm so happy to have read this book. What is wrong with me?! getting so worked up over a book. Maybe I'm just uber happy to be reading again. Maybe I just like them high-school reads. haha..

Parents are leaving early tomorrow morning. Let the fun begin!!
Not that I won't miss them. I'll miss them dearly. But hey, a girls gotta have fun right? ;D

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Short shorts

I got a haircut. Yes. ANOTHER one! Sheit son. So sassy. definitely abit on the short side for my liking but hey, new things to try, new experiences to have! Going to be a b-word trying to style it everyday so I guess as per usual it'll be pinned back. has to be anywho for clinic. 
I went into oh Kim's after lab today, not really caring what kind of style I got, just knew I wanted it shorter. My hair was getting out of control and had lost its shape already. Decided that I wanted something similar to how I originally had it cut, something like an asymmetrical bob. mannn she cut it short lol. Snips FIRST, THEN asks if it's ok. well woman, I guess it HAS to be okay, if it isn't then what can you even do about it? glue back the pieces of hair that you already cut off? haha jeebus. 
To be honest was super upset at how it looked cause she curled it straight after and I ended up looking like a French guy with a wig. Who CURLS such short asymmetrical hair?! Well.. other than her lol. But definitely looked better after I raced home and straightened it out. phew. 

well there's my cool story of the day. CSOTD for short. Loool. I should make that the new IN thing. 

hope I get all my remaining exercises completed tomorrow in my extra lab sesh.. no. not HOPE. I WILL. >:) motivation 9000+!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

First week

Fuarrk, the past few days have been super hectic. Mentally and emotionally challenging.
I didn't realise having full day 9-5 clinic sessions would be so demanding.
So my first fixed pros patient turned up needing two crowns and a bridge so.. Yay for fixed pros units! :D one step closer to graduating. LOL
But man. It was quite stressful, time management wise. Ghey alginate impressions. Stupid new orange estimate forms. Oh my glob the paperwork! Went over time by a whole hour, last one to dismiss the patient and then had to run off to my PCU session with an empty stomach. Twas sad. I shall be prepared with museli bars in the future ;D
Although that was nothing compared to my clinic session for Endodontics. I rolled in all confident, thinking all I'd do was a quick consult, figure out what needs to be done and then get my patient out of the chair by 3pm, at the latest. NEKMINIT tutor tells me to start extending the access cavity and to start instrumentation.
WHAT EVEN. I had no clue what I was doing. To be completely honest. Sure, we had all done it in lab a million times.. but to do it in my first session with no preparation- I thought I was going to dieeee.
Ofcourse all good though, my tutor was there to guide me through it for the most part. Although, again, managing to go over-time about an hour and being the last student in the clinic.
But again, Yay for Endo units! :D heh. Pretty sure I was the only one who started treatment that day.
Just wish I had been more prepared.

Aaaanywho. I'll stop talking now. Don't pretend that you're interested, you! Haha.
Man. It's MARCH already.. Hello Autumn, am I right?? :) Looking forward to the cool weather, all the jumpers I will wear, all the boots I will walk in, all the cuddles I will have- with my soft toys.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Happy gas

Definitely a misleading name for Nitrous oxide. Had our first paediatric clinic today, orientation and procedures to prep us for seeing kids at the GP Plus clinics. Super exciting right? :D I can't wait to see my first kid. Hope she's good to me. LOL. Hope she likes all the stories I'll tell.
I guess I'm more fearful of what the parents might ask me, how they will bombard me with questions. I think I'm relatively noob at dealing with kids, sometimes I just don't know what to say! I guess it all comes with experience right? haha. Gotta start hanging with the younger crowd. Buuuut that might make me a huge pedo-bear. Lol.

I'm at Elizabeth for my paed rounds this year. It's really not as bad as they all make it out to be? Sure the shopping centre has some shifty looking people, but what are they going to do to you in broad daylight? Why would they stab you just for the lols? haha. NO. you may not.

So we got to play around with the gas machine, gassing each other up.. Haha. it was not as I expected. I thought I'd get the giggles and non-stop laugh the whole time. But it made me quite light headed and my body felt so heavy- no, not because I'm duh fat- but yea. I couldn't move my body. Felt super disorientated, much like when you've had way too much to drink, past the point of tipsy-ness and just before you pass out. Very much so. Not the best feeling I have to say. But yea, different for each person I'm sure.
But definitely would work wonders on a child who felt uber anxious and couldn't sit still.
Can't wait to use it on my first kid! :D Yayerrr.

First day back in the ADH clinics tomorrow, seeing our first fixed pros patients- so patients that want crown and bridge work done. It's been a while since I've seen patients.. since November last year I think. That was 3 months ago. Man. It's almost March. Time flies. Things have changed so much since then.
Wow. It has just hit me like a brick in the face. LOL. This time last year.. I feel like I was a completely different person. Holy jeebus. Can't handle this epiphany. HAHA. What gas am I on!?
And now I'm wondering what I'll make of the NEXT 3 months!
Parents are leaving for yet ANOTHER holiday in March. People.. March is going to be.. The best month ever. EVER! Haha.. For cereal.
Dent camp, 21sts, work anniversary parties, road trips..I can't wait. So excited I could run around naked outside. Which I wouldnt because firstly no body want to see dat shiet, and secondly its abit chilly. and late. Which is good reason for me to get back under my blankets and sleep. 
ANYWHO. A little nervous getting back into the clinics, since all we've been doing is lab for the past 6 weeks. Nek level stuff.
FP4 clinic BRING. IT. ON.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

D for dramatic

Hi people. How are you all tonight? It's a Saturday night. You'd think at 20 years old on a Saturday night I'd be out fist pumping and shaking ma boo-tay but no. As much as I'd like to.. haha.
Been busy preparing myself to MC an event tomorrow, its one of those charity volunteer work things, where we promote the organisation for more people to join. Its loosely based around Buddhism and their ways of teaching. And when I mean loosely I pretty much don't mean loosely. trolol. Since when has anything to do with religion been loose?
I feel like it doesn't matter what religion you believe in- or don't believe at all, as long as you're able to develop some good morals from it, who cares? 
Anywho, so THATS happening tomorrow.. Sadness, miss out on a badminton tournament. :( Why did I agree to this!? It was most definitely a #yolo/wanting-to-please-my-parents moment.

I'm going to be honest,
right now I'm feeling quite vulnerable. Maybe I'm about it hit that time of the month, but I'm definitely feeling it. LOL.
Have you ever felt vulnerable? I'm sure you have. I'm sure everyone has. Whether its not wanting to be shot down for giving your opinions.. or maybe waiting for results of your job interview..or maybe its more along the lines of not wanting your heart to be broken.
Whatever the reason, being vulnerable sure sucks a big one. On one hand I feel like its a good thing cause if you feel this way, it means that this Thing you're feeling a little fragile over- actually means alot to you. You actually care THAT MUCH about something/someone to feel this way about this/that/him/her.
But then on the other hand.. everything becomes tougher to deal with, you get hurt more easily by things that usually wouldn't even cross your mind.
Putting all your effort into that one thing and just always thinking the worse when it comes to the outcome. But why? It doesn't always have to be a bad outcome. Our minds just habitually go into overdrive and start to think things way way wayyyy too indepth. Why do we do this?
Later on just realising it was all in our heads and that we worried about nothing.
Well girls and boys, thats what vulnerability does to people. The fear of being hurt, keeps us from being actually happy.
I guess I've just been feeling super vulnerable is all! Don't even know how to deal. WHAT IS THIS.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Herpyderp day

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY for two days ago, all you homo people out derrrrr :'D
Haha, but seriously, Hope you all had a good time, regardless of relationship status.
If you're in a relationship, hope you shared all duh love with your special someone, made them feel loved. The apple of your eye, the straw to your berry ♥ "Love is being stupid together." I hope you've found that one person that you can be stupid and silly around!
If you're single, hope you super loved your friends and family, as well as ofcourse loving yourself! Because like they all say, who will love you if you don't love yourself first? Ermygerd. So much truth.
I think I've learned to love myself a little more. Its very different from how I used to see myself. Its less of the underlying low self-esteem and insecurities and low expectations.. and more being confident and proud of who I am. Accepting myself for me. I love me! :D In the most .. un-nob way possible. Haha. not possible.

Valentines day started with a breakfast at Loose Caboose. Man, I had heard good things about this place from certain friends and was kiiiinda disappointed with the food! The decor and the 'feel' was nice. Super hipster, chilled out, cool beans. haha but then the food was nothing more than ordinary if you actually look at how it was made, what ingredients used etc. Ofcourse I ordered something with avocado in it. LOL which reminds me I have an avocado mask I've been meaning to try out. Ermagerd. Must. remember!
Lucky I love avocado. Anything with avo in it is immediately Satisfactory. Haha.. But yea. Maybe I was just expecting too much. Damn my high expectations. But I guess, the more important things is having great company. Great company over great food anyday!

Walked through the Garden of Unearthly Delights as well that night, just for the lols and FUUU, I want to go on that ferris wheel. Mannnn it looked suuuuper fun. SUPER FUN! Super pretty too with all the lights. I swear it wasn't there the last time I went? Or maybe I wasn't paying attention last time ._.
I will defs go on it before the Fringe is over. Definitely. Already wrote it down on my List of Things To DO. Capital DO because I will actually get them done as opposed to just writing them down and saying i'll get it done.
My list is growing fast. :) More and more things I have lined up to do, and I shall work on ticking them off one by one! So duh excite. 2014 has great things planned for once :D

Written and Practical assessments coming up this tuesday. I must say, I have yet to really begin studying for them. Yet again my social life has taken over my uni life. Not even partying it up and head banging all night.. just spending too much time NOT studying. Haha. I'll get there soon. Shall head off now to study ahha shiet. So much for being the best student Ebberrrrr. All good, I'll make up for it now with a huge study sesh.
..aaaand its 12:12am. HAHA. good one Jun. Why did you go out for that bubble tea just then!? Wasted like a trillion hours. Buuuut no point sulking over how bad my decisions and time management is, time to get crack-a-lacking and study. Nerd glasses on. Literally.

Happy Monday people! Have a great one, and make it awesome. Make it not so 'omg its Monday', and more 'Omg its Monday!!' :D Yaaaay! Love that positiveness. As fake as my positivity is sometimes, it actually kind of works. Even if you dont believe it, if you tell yourself the same thing enough times,you're going to believe it eventually right? lol.. I just start singing in my head a happy song and then I don't feel so bleh. :)

Monday, February 10, 2014

Super cool fun times

LOL I WISH. Haha Deceptive blog title what?
Really should have thought more before accepting weekend work shifts. I haven't been able to sleep-in in what feels like forever. Is this reality!? 
No more 1pm wake-ups for this snorlax, no sir. Haha.. I guess its a good thing though. Surprisingly I feel like I can handle it :D Yep, princess Jun is ready to not be such a princess anymore. haha
I don't really miss the sleep-ins so much, and I actually look forward to my morning routine. Breakfast at my table watching episodes of Modern Family have quickly become the norm for me.
Beginning this week is week 5 of my Pre-clin block, I can't believe its been a month of uni already! Everything seems to be moving along so fast. Moving along so well :) But still, again, not finding enough time to do things that I need to do! Wait, not finding, I should say making time. If things are worth doing, you need to make time for them right? Not just sit there and wait for a free slot of time to come along. Life so busy man, geeeegeeeeee. Lets get it lets go? #davidsocomedy

You know what song is sad?
Say Something. I think its by Christina Aguilera. Fairly sure haha.. Man I remember listening to her songs in year 6. She was the coolest. Sighhh :'D 
Well anyways. Everytime I hear that song it makes me so uber sad. I think I get affected by songs a tad too much. I guess thats why most of my songs are happy upbeat songs, to keep me positive. Yea. Thats definitely it. Cause I know for sure in the mornings on the bus I always always play the happiest songs. Can't handle the slow sad stuff in the mornings! 
"Love on Top" by Beyonce is oh ma gord, orgasmic. HAHA. Super suuuuper happy fun times. ♪♫ 
I suggest you get on it. For real. I want to share this happiness so badly. Fuuu. Excuse me while I go listen to it now. LOL what do you know, its already selected ready to play on my iTunes list. 
Aiya. But I know that it won't float everyones boat. Maybe I just like it so much cause so many good memories associated with it. That makes such a huge difference to a song and the emotion you feel from listening to it.
When I hear Love on Top, I think back to my brothers wedding where I first heard it. It was just so awesome seeing such a happy couple that have been through so so much together, and at the end of the day still love each other as though it was the first day. My heart was like 'AHHHHH!!!"
I TOTES want that, and definitely will strive for it. I want to have a relationship where I can wholeheartedly put in 100% of my effort and for that to be reciprocated. For both of us to be completely happy. Sure not all the time cause shit goes down and then gg. But even then, be able to talk it through, resolve arguments and make up in a mature way. None of that childish bullshit that you see everyday these days. 
I feel like I used to be very childish in the way I dealt with arguments, and in some cases still am, especially if its arguing with Zhen. Oh ma glob I become the biggest nob let me tell you. HAHA. Trying to work on that. Its not easy, keeping my already loud voice down and trying to sound slightly calm. But its a work-in-progress. Atleast I'm trying right? 
Claps for trying!

:) Have a good day tomorrow everyone! Sunshine ebberywhar.
I just had a read back on what I just wrote and man. Everytime I sit down and think of what to blog about.. I just think 'Screw it, Ill just start typing and see what comes out". THIS is what happens. NO SENSE MADE. 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Clean soul

Guys,  have something to say. You're gonna be like what what in the butt?!

I cleaned my room. HAHA no you don't understand, it wasn't any old clean. it was like the spring clean fairies came and shat all over my room with their cleanliness. lol.. Let me just make sure you understand how messy my room used to be. it would get to the point where I would run out of clothes to wear cause they'd all be piled up at the end of my bed. Dishes would be left from all the rushed breakfasts-while-watching-lectures, untouched until the last space of my desk had been completely occupied. I'd lose something for a week and find it later while looking for something else, maybe a worksheet I had misplaced in the piles upon piles of paper stacks. Look. I have photographic proof. 


Yup. I really wasn't joking. I feel like this is an unfortunate super bad habit of mine. its probably going to bite me in the ass in the future. How will my children survive?! lol. Must work to be neater. And cleaner. ..and less of a slob

and so I finally cleaned my room. :) super proud if I say so myself. trololol. Got home from uni around 5pm and started cleaning abit before badminton. At that point I had started moving things around and things were getting veryyyy crazy. There was barely any room to move, what with all the junk I have lying around. Bagged some things off to the Salvation Army, and really thought hard about what I really don't need anymore and had to throw. Sigh. If you know me, you know that I find it hard to throw old things out. Just cause of the memories they bring. mentality of a girl. haha lame. This time.. man i threw away alot of stuff :( 
Anywho final result? 

Weeeeeeee, sho clean!! Makes me actually want to sit down and study. Crazy feels. hahah.. 
Aaaaad now I'm dead. tired. exhaaaausted! love this feeling haha. means ill get a restful nights sleep. 
Hope you do too! Goodnight jiggaboos.