Monday, September 29, 2014

Take me to the show!

Late post but better late than never. Always look forward to posting about good days. So I can remember the feels! And one day I'll look back on these good posts and reminisce.

Was super good weather for the show- first time going to the show alone with the boyfriend. 
Love that he's up for anything if its with me. And even though this was the billionth time going, it was different because it was with him. Cheese to the max. Eurgh. But this is who I am now. ahahhaha. Ultra cheese, super love, uber couple.
People keep telling me how happy they are for me, how I look so much happier than I used to. And I would agree, one hundred thousand percent :)

We spent the whole day walking around, looking at every single stall, tasting everything there is to taste- Yellow-brick road bag LOL yea, we did it. Haunted house ride, and '9D' experience. Heads up for next year, please don't go on either of them. We were thoroughly disappointed, and both times walked out dafarking at how much we just paid for nothing. hahah but no matter. Atleast we tried. YOLO ROITE!? HAHA..
Following that, Ferris wheel fun times, showbags and fireworks. ♥

No one else I'd rather spend the whole day with. LITERALLY the whole day. 9am - 10pm. Exhausted by the end, definitely.

Aaaand now to get on with exam study, hooray for my one week mid-semester break lolol. Enjoy your off time, people!

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