Sunday, January 22, 2017

I've got a ticket for the long way 'round

Just booked plane tickets for Mum, Dad, Zhen, Simon and I for Malaysia in April!!
Literally so excited right now. I know, there is still so much time, but before you know it, April will be here and BAM! Epic holiday. haha
Been so long since we have had a family trip, I think last one was for Zhen-Ti's wedding in 2013.
And even better, I get to bring Simon along to experience all the places I love.
Mum and Dad have promised to take us proper tourist sightseeing, as opposed to every other time I've been back to Malaysia, where I've just tagged along to shopping malls and to visit family.
Super keen.
January is almost over, time is already speeding past. Chinese New Year this weekend!
In Feb we have things planned pretty much every weekend, bucks and hens nights, Birthdays..
and March is the month of Weddings- to be specific- the month of Four weddings!

I can already feel that the next couple months will be fun, exciting, busy, and for sure, pass me by very quick.

Already starting my research on the ultimate tourist areas in Penang and KL haha.

Hope 2017 is going well for everyone :)
Definitely learning to be grateful for everything I have.