Wednesday, September 9, 2015

On call

Just a quick forewarning, sappy stuff on the way..

Listening to a song by 98 degrees called I Do (Cherish you), and can't help having the biggest feels for my other half. Super oldie, before my time lol. 
I remember about a year ago hearing him sing this song at karaoke and it just took me by so much surprise. I sat there and just stared at him. I had that feeling of admiration and longing, and was just so grateful to have him. Its weird, sitting right next to a person but still missing them. Really absurd.
Listening to the song again by myself, all the feels just hit me like a brick lol. Had to express them somehow. And well, because I'm alone, this will have to do. ahha Just really love the guy. Honeymoon period still going strong. :) He's the best part of my day by far. 

If you didn't know this about me, I'm quite an irritable person. My close family and friends will know this well. I don't know how he puts up with it. Its something I've been trying to improve about myself for a long time. Sometimes I breathe and get through it, but other times I snap over something really tiny, something hardly reasonable to get annoyed at. You can imagine, someone as spastic as my dearest Simon might get on my nerves from time to time. Haahah but thats just how he is! He's the wonderfully crazy, energetic spastic bunny. All the qualities I adore. haha ...And Me? Thats just how I am. Easily irritable and impatient. Not proud of it. Still working on it.. Its not you its me. hahah..
I reckon deep down I'm actually a pretty stressed out person. Everyone thinks I'm super chill and that I get through things super easily, but in reality I over think everything and get caught up in the small stuff.. But everyone has their issues I'm sure. 
Just thankful to have someone that takes me as I am. Personality issues and all. Really motivates me to try and improve myself, to be even a little bit deserving of this relationship.
Eurgh. How cheesy. But just how I feel right now. 

Rostered off this week, but instead of having a week off, checked the On call list, and apparently I'm it. Please please no one call in sick today.. haha So I'm just sitting in uni, hoping that the phone doesn't ring.
Kind of sucks to be on call cause I don't live close to the city. We're expected to be able to come in within 15 minutes of getting a call.. And it usually takes me 40minutes to get into town. Lucky people who live in the city.. I could be taking another one of my many naps right now. Hahaa.. Shall just finish my resume and the house dentist application.
Going to apply for a house dentist position at the dental hospital, thought I might as well. Although competition is high and I probably won't get it, no harm in trying right? It's just a 2 month job, to take over cases that students weren't able to finish before going on holiday. Essentially won't have a holiday at all, since we work right through the new year. But anything to get experience and a foot in the door right.. Also mo money ;)
My resume has been coming along.. ever so slowly. I keep putting it off, and the more my dad keeps reminding me and pushing me to go out and apply for jobs, the more I don't want to do it.. Sorry dad. I don't handle that kind of pressure well. Just makes me more anxious and more apprehensive. That being said, he makes a great point, and I should really get a move on..

Parents leaving to Sydney for a few days on Friday, then a couple days later they're off to America for 2 weeks. So glad that they're enjoying themselves right now :) Definitely my goals at their age.

Oh em gee.. need to take a dump. And I'm at uni.. WHAT DO I DO!? All the dilemmas... shiet.
Maybe I'll go home just to dump then come back out.. but what if I get called in... hahah Seriously what do I do.. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Birthday Jiggle

Good evening, lovely people! Blogging while waiting for Simon to finish studying for his test tomorrow.. Haha its a rare sight. Must be a hard topic!

Birthday has come and gone, and now I'm 22. TWENTY TWO. Jeebus. What an old fart.
When I was a kid I always imagined how I'd be when I was 18 and then 21. I never even thought about anything past that for some reason. I guess to me back then it was way too far into the future to even consider. Hahah.. young me. What I would give to be back to those years, cutting hair off my barbie dolls, making cubby houses with Zhen and fighting with my cousin Emily. Hahah... the memories are strong.

Had a nice birthday, still yet to celebrate with any of my friend groups though, those are to come in the next few days. Birthday night was spent with my family- had hot pot then cake, as per usual. Super enjoy family time these days, its definitely because I'm older that I appreciate family time more. My last dental pubcrawl was on the same night and I didn't even care that I was giving it up to spend my birthday with family. That has to be a good sign haha. Family comes first always right?

Then Saturday night was spent at Africola with my other half :) Africola.. What can I say.. It was interesting to say the least. Extremely nice flavours but the flavours were all very intense, and each dish so different from the next. Not sure I would eat there again but it was a really good dinner. One of those that you'll thoroughly enjoy, but too lavish to have again? I don't even know how to explain. Oh, quite pricey also, so prepare your wallets. Hahah..
It was good that you could choose to sit at the bar, and watch the open kitchen prepare all the food. Very interesting.

Both of us were super tired from the tournament though, I'm pleased to say that we're getting better as a mixed doubles pairing ;) Kinda struggled at the beginning and never really saw improvement for a long time, not to mention the added struggles of being a couple and playing together- everyone says couples always end up fighting on court- but then the past few tournaments we've seen great results. Runner up in the last tournament, and we've been winning matches that we didn't have hopes of winning beforehand. Super proud of us :) Lots of communication but also restraint. Its so easy to just lash out at a boyfriend because you're too comfortable. Just like its so easy for me to say nasty things to Zhen, cause thats just how we do. I started to lash out abit and the game would get a little tense. But if you think about it, you'd never get mad or put the blame on your partner if your partner were your friend or just a random right? What gives me the right to lash out at my partner just because he's my boyfriend? Doesn't make things any easier. Doesn't make us play any better!

Simon spent the night on Thursday and as I woke up to send him off to work way too early (tradie life yo!), he surprised me with my birthday present :)
Super unexpected because we both agreed not to spend too much money on birthday presents from now, and he already gave me a new pair of running tights on Thurs night. Cheeky as man...

I have a few friends that post alot on facebook on how their boyfriend spoils them.. But when you think about it, why do they post? I used to think it was cute and they were just showing their appreciation, but damn, when they start posting every month about extravagant gifts that their special someone has bought them 'just because', you start to wonder whether they're just posting to brag. Whats the point in getting something expensive for no particular occasion?  The act of receiving and appreciation just becomes a normality.. instead of something super special! 

Monday, August 3, 2015

The Amazing Raise.

You know what I've been super into lately?

Tropical House music. Who ever even knew that was a thing? Something about it just makes me zone out and enjoy. Especially when I need to write my essay. I don't even realise that I'm actually doing work. haha.. Youtube Kygo Summer mix. Currently listening! Might not be everyones cup of tea but I'm thoroughly enjoying :)

Took part in the Amazing Raise a couple days ago, pretty much a super small scale non-televised version of the Amazing RACE. Haha. It was part of an event to help raise money for the Cambodia World Family, to send a few groups of students to Cambodia to do some volunteer dental work for the kids over there.

It was actually super fun. One of our team mates turned out to be not as fit as he thought, and ended up leaving before the last leg of the race, ate a bowl of ramen and then caught up with us at the finish line haha.. that guy. What a noob.
In total we ran about 15kms back and forth the city, looking for clues and doing activities. We were doing well until we got mislead by one of the clues and lost quite abit of time. In the end we were in the right place at the start, just at the wrong entrance. Goddamn, barr smith library, why you so big?
In the end we came 6th out of 16 teams, which was pretty good effort. But had we not been mislead i'm sure we would have come top 3. It was super fun anywho, using your mind to think out riddles as well as having a super long run. My love for sudoku finally came into use haha. And maths skills oh my glob, I actually did some math problem solving for the first time since I left highschool. So glad I didn't waste my time doing the higher level maths, cause I seriously haven't needed it at all.. haha. I guess people do the higher level sometimes just for the challenge, even if they know they're not going to use it.

Man, I haven't run so much since .. well.. City to Bay 3 years back. haha.. Glad I could keep up. My legs and knee however... Super sore even today, and my right knee is really painful atm. I've never experienced this kind of joint pain. Didn't help that I went to training that same night also.

I guess it was a super fun weekend, we went to BounceInc the next day, to celebrate a belated 8th birthday for Simon's niece :) That kid. So hyper all the time oh my goodness. I must've been a dud, pretty sure I was the quietest 8 year old ever. Just sat there and read my books like a nerd. Ethinia on the other hand, fun and games for DAYS ahhaha.. So cute. I'm not sure though that when the time comes I could handle such a hyper child. And if my child really is that hyper, I'll have a super fun time learning how to deal with it.. ahhah not. Future husband I think you'll have your hands full.
Was my second time at BounceInc, the first time was with my highschool girls. Haven't seen them in ages....
Everyone was sore afterward, pretty sure the three of us getting too old for it ahhaa.. Simon and Jenny had sore necks and I was sore from all the running the day before.. Ethinia just going crazy haha.. Overall a fun time, but more of a one time thing. Not to mention how expensive it is to take a family there, Simon took us all there as a birthday surprise for Ethinia and it cost about... 70? 80 dollars? That is way to pricey for an hour's worth of bouncing around for four people. I'd rather eat $80 worth of burgers and hotdawgs. Hahah..
Happy Times yo. oh btw if you haven't been to the newly relocated NNQ in on Woodville, get on it! We were all super impressed. Just be prepared to bump into several people you know. Apparently its always extremely busy.
Happy times people :) Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Curious cat.

I just can't believe that its almost August already. Where did the time go?
All of a sudden I'm getting worried about resume's and registrations.. dental insurance and applications. All the things I didn't think I'd need to think about, have just appeared out of nowhere! Exciting but at the same time.. So damn scary. 

Managed to pass the mid-year exam, which is a huge plus. The redemption viva was held yesterday and boy, was I glad not to be one of those. One of my mates took the redemption viva and failed that too.. the sad feels for him :( seriously. Don't want to be in his shoes at all.

Currently ploughing at my endodontics essay at an extremely, torturously slow pace. 3k words have never been so difficult to achieve. I'm at 700. I've had months to do this but you know, as expected, I've left it to the last 10 days. Goddamn it. I would ask myself why I'm like this, but we all know why. I'm just way too lazy. Sometimes I want to do something about it.. but then I just don't.
Managing to get through assessments and exams even through the crazy laziness, has made me just so used to being a bum. Bad habits. Its bad because I've trained myself to be lazy. As soon as I stopped trying so hard, my grades improved. Why is that?
I have definitely changed. For sure I've become more curious and question things more and therefore understand it once I've found the answer and more inclined to commit it to memory, but on the other hand just SO MUCH more lazy. The intellectual curiosity has most definitely come from Simon.
At times I wonder how his mind is so crazy active all the time.
He's the guy that looks at the moon at night and wonders how the moon got to be. Why it's so bright. What the speed of light is, and if its possible for something to travel faster than the speed of light. If so, does that mean its possible to time travel? Surely particles cannot physically surpass the speed of light and break the time barrier?

Like seriously.
I used to look at the moon and all I'd be thinking of was how pretty it looked. Maybe if it was round I'd start howling and be like 'Werewolf timeee'.
HAHA. And now? Well, probably still the above, but also additional things. Ahaha

We actually had a whole conversation about time travel, not from looking at the moon, but because of something he had talked about to others in trade school. Nevertheless, you get what I mean.
I love the effect his mind has had on me. Wonderfully different. So curious. Like a cat. ahahha. meow.

Damn, thats one cute cat. I don't even like cats. But this one gets a double thumbs up :)
Anyway. It boggles my mind how people like him think sometimes. Its crazy how knowledge-rich he is. He has the ability to retain the most unexpected things in the most detailed fashion. I guess because he doesn't just ask questions, he makes sure he finds the answer to the question. Its great.
So curious. At the same time, so easily distracted. Driving along- look at that over there, what do you reckon that is? What about that? Why do you think they've put those up? I reckon its for such and such. LOOK AT THE ROAD YA NUB! ahahah..

I absolutely adore it. Fan girl moment. Excuse me.

Enjoy your day today guys! Another day, another dollar. Unless you're not working yet. In which case.. no dollar for you. hahah
I feel so poor these days. Only working once a week and money is going into.. fines. Sigh. Talk about that later haha. Oh the sadness.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015


First and last exam in a few hours. I'm starting to get nervous but theres not much I can do now ahahha.. General knowledge be general. Not really sure what they might ask today. A 15 minute oral exam doesn't sound long but it'll feel like an age when I'm actually sitting infront of the panel lol. Sweaty palms bro.

Yesterday I was procrastinating so hard that I thought screw this, I'm getting that haircut that I've been wanting for weeks. I remember back in Whyalla wanting to get it cut but- for one, its Whyalla- who gets their hair cut there.. and two.. my tutor had just got her hair cut similar to how I wanted it and yea. That would have been awkward.. she probably would be like who is this fool, trying to kiss ass and copy me. Hahaha.. Heres a before and after. The before isn't so clear but my hair was getting too long for me to handle lol. Too many hairs on the ground, in the shower, in my bed.. plus there was no shape to it, it was just limp and boring. Well, to me anyways. I also didn't wear it down very often. So whats the point of having long hair if I'm going to tie it up anyways and not wash it for days cause I can't be bothered? Hahah.. I know. I'm lazy. I have been told.

At least with my short hair, the showers will be easy and I wont be traumatised by the amount of hair I shed after every wash. I can't wait!! :D hur hur.. the simple things in life.

Went to the hairdresser that Simon goes to- Lecido I think its called now. He goes every few months cause the hair starts to look like a birds nest HAHA soz babe. Not that its a bad look ;) I liked it there, aside from goddamnn $35! Never paid so much for a haircut... pretty much ever haha. I didn't even have my hair washed! Maybe it would have been $40 if I got a wash too +_+ But I guess what can you expect, ladies haircuts seem to be getting more expensive these days. Along with everything else in the world. Besides K-mart. K-mart is always cheap :D My absolute favourite store at the moment.

Fark, need to get off the social networking and revise. 2 more hours. Wish me luck people!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


So our RFDS trip which was only supposed to be a weekend, got stretched out for days due to bad weather. Who would have thought.. heavy rain in the desert. Hahah.
We were flown out to Mungaranie, about an hour and a half long plane ride away from Port Augusta. OMG saw an emu on the side of the road heading to the airport by the way. Holy crap, that was definitely the highlight of my day... Got so excited at the time, and excited now just thinking about it HAhahaha.. a real emu! Only in Australia hey?
Anywho, what I thought was supposed to be a town, turned out to be a 'town' comprising of one pub and a hotel... And nothing else. Haha, not even kidding! Population of ten people. I didn't even know such a thing was possible.

The pub was super quirky, heaps of collections of stuff everywhere, even people's hair. Apparently people cut off a ponytail and stick it up on the ceiling. Legit pony-tails. Hats, shirts, underwear.. pretty much anything that people can to staple to the ceiling.. Even pubic hair. LOL. ew.
We opened up our 'clinic' in the dining room of the pub, set up a few chairs for people to sit on while we look into their mouths. Ofcourse, due to limited resources and lack of equipment we could only do a screening exam, a gross clean if necessary and simple fillings (chemical curing material instead of the light curing or metal filling materials).

The experience was so good. I would recommend it for any student within the health profession really. Its good to get out there and realise how much help these people actually need. The people we saw were so appreciative of the services we provided. With such limited access to health care and with the distance between them and any sort of major town, they are really thankful for any kind of help they can get.

My favourite bit of the trip.. The STARS, people. The STARS. It is like nothing I had ever seen before... So beautiful. I remember looking up at the stars in Ballarat once when I was younger, maybe 15 or 16, and thinking that it was so beautiful. But it was nothing compared to seeing the stars at night from the desert. Crazy beautiful. Millions upon millions of stars... The perfect place to be with your loved ones. And that was exactly what I felt. Felt like bringing Simon so we could lie on the ground, look up at the stars and just talk about ridiculousness. Felt like bringing my mum and dad so they could see it with their own eyes ;) I got so excited when I saw that I jumped up and down and ran around going 'OH MY GOODNESS HOLY MOLY WHAT THE HECKKKK I CAN'T BELIEVE MY EYES, SO BEAUTIFUL'.. and everyone else was like 'what.. they're just stars'. They said they had all seen this view many times before. Looks like I've missed out on alot of the world. haha All the more reason to get travelling once I graduate! :) One lady that saw me running around told my tutor that watching me get so excited was a priceless moment for her and she would never forget it. ahhaha I make such imprints on people ;)

The road home was crazy though. The Mungeranie station air strip was a dirt track, so the plane was unable to fly until it had been tested and cleared by the owners of the strip. We waited for days, waiting for the rain to clear and to give the airstrip time to dry out. All the roads were closed too so we couldn't drive out. Literally stranded. Had to call up the ADH to cancel my patients for that week.. Don't think they would have been to happy lol. On the day we were told we could fly back, they said it still had not dried up enough as it had rained over night. So we ended up asking a few people we had met at the pub if we could hitch a ride with them to the next concrete airstrip in Maree. They were kind enough to agree and so we sat in the back of their van... So legal. So safe. A road trip that would usually only have been a couple hours, turned into six and a half. The roads had only been opened that morning and it too was still wet. The 4WDs had to go pretty much 20km/hr for most of the way because it kept getting bogged in the mud. Crazy ride back.. Still can't believe we made it back lol. I was thinking of Wolf Creek the whole time. LOL. sigh. scary times. Why did I watch it while I was there...

Anywho, got back safe and enjoyed my trip so all is good :D
Swotvac week this week, and just one Viva examination and I'll be done.
Vivas are not so bad, I think I've gotten much better at them lol. Just smile and wave boys... Just smile and wave. Goodluck everyone with your exams. Holidays arn't too far away! Picture time.


 Look at all that hair..

Our make shift dental chair LOL. 
The rain that stranded us.

Went for a walk to see how bad the airstrip was.... Yea.. wasn't great lol. Like walking in quicksand.

                               Thought it would be cool to sit in there at first.. 6.5hours later..
The kind gentleman who drove us to Maree :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Last day of clinic at the Whyalla Oral Health Centre tomorrow. Super pleased haha..
Even though I'll have to do my self-assessment and see what grade she has decided for me .. plus give my case presentation.. its the LAST DAY. Hahahah.
One more day of clinic and then we will be off to the Royal Flying Doctor Service. Plane rides for the win!
However, I did have a dream that the aircraft crashed. ..bad sign? Hmm..
Should be a great experience, hopefully I'll still have net when I get there so I can blog about it. Otherwise I'll just wait until I touch down in Port Augusta. Intrigued to see how it goes, and what kind of demographic we get to treat. Hoping there will be a few young ones to see! Mungerannie, I think the place is called. About an hour and a half plane ride from Port Augusta. Apparently a very remote area surrounded by desert.. Legit rural I guess! Pretty excited :)

5 weeks went by quickly, but I won't forget how much stress I felt throughout, and there were times where I had truly given up on myself. Picked my game back up by the end of it, hopefully its enough to get me through. And if not.. well, my tutors back in Adelaide love me so I'm sure I'll be fine. HAHA. Maybe. Fingers crossed :)

Monday, June 1, 2015

Week 4

I've never been more thankful for the last weeks to come rolling around. Don't think I've ever wished for something to be over so much! Haha.. Not even exams.

Still feeling the inadequacy, and still feeling like I might actually fudge it all up on my last year and that there's a long road ahead to prove myself. But hey, it's almost over.
I've been talking to many people about my situation and little by little I'm feeling more positive.
She still has a thing against me, I'm sure of it. But I can't walk into clinic with that approach every day, it doesn't achieve much and there is just a massive mental block that exists when I have that mindset. I do try to stay as positive as I can, but her truck of negativity does get me down still.
I'm just gonna have to work at it as best I can for the next 2 weeks.
Talked to my family but although they're a shoulder to lean on, they don't truly GET it. Sure they can provide me with reassurance and support but my dad will still think its an issue with my attitude towards the tutor. Which it really is not. I am nothing but respectful towards her in the clinic and I don't ever question her. And when my dad says things like that it just upsets me, because it goes to show that he really doesn't get it. However he does speak the blunt truth, and truth is that you're going to get shit bosses some time in your life, and unless you just learn to deal with it, you'll have a very difficult career ahead of you.

Talking to past students helped me alot, they know what its like, they've been through it before. And although they may not have been in as bad a situation as I, they understand how this tutor functions and how she makes people feel down on themselves. I got excellent words of advice from them. To not let her opinions dictate me and my concepts, and that I'm not as shit as I feel. I really shouldn't sell myself short. I'm good at what I do.

My older brother gets it. A few texts back to him and I feel better already. He's experienced the same thing many times, I can imagine being in a hospital intern setting would do terrible things to your self-esteem, constantly being looked down on and questioned by your superiors.. But he's learnt to put it aside and not let it get to him.
It's something I need to learn.

I've never had many issues in clinic, and I guess this has really taken me by surprise..
I'll just have to roll with it and prove to my other tutors back in Adelaide that her grade is not consistent with theirs.

Emotions fairly up and down lately. Hard time trying to control them.. The feeling of fragility is horrible.. But theres always an upside. The end is not far :) And who am I to complain. My problems are miniscule in comparison to other people. At least I'm alive, healthy and loved. Much to be thankful for.

Hope you guys are having a better 5 weeks than I am!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Having a little bit of a down moment right here people..
Eurgh. This feeling, I just can't seem to shake it.. Must be Whyalla.
It comes in waves. One moment I'm fine and just meh about everything, and then the next moment a huge wave of crap just washes over me and I'm left feeling so down. Like super down. The feeling like nothing is going right. Which is not true in the slightest, my life at the moment I couldn't be happier... Back in Adelaide that is. I love my life back in Adelaide.
I think that when I'm here away from home, I forget about how much love and support I have back there. And when I'm having a bad day or just dreading clinic with the frustrating tutor.. I forget that there is much more to life than trying to prove to the tutor that I'm not as incompetent as she thinks I am..

Just can't wait to get out of here.
I don't mind the place, I'm just not a fan of the tutor. She makes me feel like I can't do anything right, and just the way she has exaggerated small mistakes I've made, just takes away my confidence in my work and clinical skills.
I just can't seem to do things right after she's done bashing me mentally. It's a struggle to keep my chin up at times.

Worst feeling, feeling incompetent at something you once thought you were pretty good at.
Usually after a bad clinic experience or just after a super long day I always have people at home to make me forget it, cheer me up and then I smile again.. But over here I come home to an empty bedroom, just feeling alone. So dramatic. As usual..
I call home and call Simon but.. phone calls can't ever beat reassurance through hugs and cuddles hey?
And after the shitty day the last thing I want to do is go through the whole ordeal in my head again while explaining through the phone.

....3 more weeks. Wish me goodluck because I'll need it.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Rural feels.

Forgot to mention, got my braces off about a month ago. It's been pretty great. Still have to wear the retainer for the upper arch pretty much all day and night, because it has a false tooth incorporated into the plastic retainer as a temporary gap-filler haha.. You can't tell when I'm wearing it though, that I have a fake tooth, which I'm super grateful for :) 
Third one from the middle, on my left side. 
Going to wait until I get back from Whyalla to make the appointment for implant placement though, don't really want to rush anything at the time being.
Pretty happy with the result. Although, it could have been avoided all together if the dentist had detected the issue earlier.

So my first week in Whyalla wasn't all sunshine and sparkles. Pretty drab and dull actually. So much so that I'm already back in Adelaide. Haha.. weak i know. But we had Thursday and Friday off clinic though, so I don't rekon there would be much to do had we stayed back. All four of us wanted to go back. Early sleep before 12 has been doing wonders for me though. I can actually hear my alarm in the mornings, and sometimes I wake up before the alarm goes off anyways. Crazy. HAhaha.. Like normal people do. But anywho. Maybe I should sleep earlier more often.
My tutor is .. hard to understand, I don't really know what she wants. Very inconsistent in her expectations. Sometimes shes happy sometimes she picks on every little thing.. It's weird. Hard to get my head around, but yeah.. I'll suck it up and deal with it. What else can I do? Haha.. 
Shes pretty much the reason why I don't want to be in Whyalla. But maybe I'll get used to it. Who knows ..
Finish clinic, make dinner, watch TV whilst studying at the same time, and go to sleep. Pretty much our daily routine. Once went down to the beach and drove around town.. but thats about all there is to do in Whyalla. :P
Plus Pokemon Monopoly! LOL. Finally, for the first time ever owned the 'Mayfair/ParkLane' of Pokemon, Nidoking and Nidoqueen. From there on.. well ofcourse I won ;) Whut whut in the butt.
THAT bored, that we played monopoly..

Until the next week in Whyalla, people :)

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Counting down the days.

5 weeks.
Five weeks of rural placement in Whyalla. Doesn't sound like much but.. I'm already counting down the days until its time to go back! Haha.. Enjoying the free time though. With no badminton to play or family to spend time with, there sure is alot of time to waste. It's only 8pm, I've already had dinner, showered, watched abit of Game of Thrones, went grocery shopping, and organized my new temporary bedroom. ..And now wondering what to do next..
Starting the rotation tomorrow, errday 8:30am, not too bad considering the clinic is only about 5 minutes walk from the accommodation.

Thinking of how I'm going to spend my time. I'm hoping it will encourage me to study more... LOL Yeah, right.
Probably try to blog abit more frequently, seeing as my blogs have been suuuuper delayed and uneventful. ahah..

Outside looks pretty Salisbury-esque, so my plan to go running around the neighbourhood is in shambles. Maybe try to do some in-room starjumps.. 

Already missing Simon.Time goes by incredibly fast when I'm with him, and without him its just like tick...tock........tick.............tock.
How lameeeeee. Can't wait til he comes to visit :'D
Definitely heading back to Adelaide for the first dent pubcrawl of the year though, super keen. Long time no pubcrawl and I'm really missing the dance vibes.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there, by the way. Couldn't spend the day with my mum today since we had abit of a long drive to get here today, but woke up early to prepare breakfast for mum :) Hope she felt the love. Pancakes with maple syrup, whipped cream, mangoes, peaches, pear, apple, banana, strawberries, blueberries and dark chocolate melted on top. Not all at once of course, but the options were there. 
All mothers go through so much.. and yet they still manage to keep their shit together and take care of you, be there for you regardless of the circumstance. 
Hope you all spoilt your mums today. :)

Monday, March 30, 2015

Final Year Dental Camp

My absolute last dental camp ever.. Obviously I had to go. Haha.. I'll miss this when its all over. The parties, the drink-ups, the ease of making friendships with the girl taking a leak in the next cubicle just cause I get lonely in there.
Dental camp has always been the best event of the year. Why wouldn't it be? No limits out there in the wild. Haha.. This time it was at Victor Harbour, and although it was a two day, two night event.. I only joined in on the second night.
I didn't want to miss out on Saturday's work shift.. and also didn't want to be away from Adelaide for two nights. .. I tend to miss people after a day. Absolutely PATHETIC I know! But hey, the honeymoon period is still going, and I'm not one to complain. :)

One thing I WILL complain about though, is the lack of fun-times this dental camp.
No, I don't think the issue is because I'm not single anymore. I can't put my finger on it, but it might have been something to do with the crappy organisation.. or because people weren't being ushered into the hall- instead they kinda just chilled out in their cabins or outside on the grass.. or maybe cause this year's 1st years are total buzz-kills.
Whatever the reason, I was super disappointed at the turn out. And even more-so because I kept telling my group of friends who hadn't been before that dental camp was the best thing on Earth.
Needless to say they were kind of confused when it turned out to be not close at all, even to the best thing in Victor Harbour. 
The dance floor was pretty dismal, half the time pretty much empty. I used to have trouble breathing due to the sheer amount of people on the dance floor. You used to only be able to move in the vertical axis, I kid you not. This time I could have run laps and maybe play badminton in all the free space. You can imagine now the level of sadness.
Still, I was really keen on dancing, cause after all what else did I come here for!?
So I pushed a few friends on the dance floor and it wasn't so bad really. I still got my dance on. Not that I can dance.. but you know, just me jumping around with my arms in the air, singing my face off. 
In the end I did enjoy myself, but just disappointed in how different camp has gotten since I had been there last. And my last one ever, too! :(
Was glad to be back in my bed the next day. That night I think I had one of the worst sleeps ever. In the driver's seat of someone else's car, with a super bright LED outdoor light shining in my face the whole night, waking up every so-often to open the door and vomit. Not my finest moments. It got to the point of vomiting pure bile, which isn't pleasant to say the least. My throat and mouth were left burning, my teeth felt chalky and the taste... it was like I just drank a bottle of petrol.
Tequila is not your friend.
After the third time waking up I prayed to buddha that morning would come. WHERE ARE YOU, SUN!?

So.. that was my fantastic experience. Haha.. Making an effort to go to all the events this year. After all its my last chance hey? No regrets ;)
Picture time.

OMG TOTALLY FORGOT, I actually re-united with my best-friend Jishnu back in Reception/Year1.. HAHA was the best feels cause he was super excite when he realised who I was as well. Knew my name still!! Best feels because I used to be the biggest loner in primary school. Only had like 1 or 2 friends.. and yea, he was it. LOL. Man, who knew. He's 2 years below me though because I skipped Year 7 and then he did a year of something else after Highschool. Super coincidences :) So awesome. ANYWHO. I'm out. :D

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Train of thought

Hey Pooper scoopers, how you doing?
I've got a little over a week left of holidays til I go back to uni. I'm actually itching to go back and see my patients again. As difficult as some of them may be, I miss the feeling of achieving things, whether its a good amalgam filling or a nice alginate impression. The feeling of improvement always makes me happy. I'm definitely going to be rusty when I get back into the clinics though.

Started playing badminton more and more these past few weeks. Just feel so fat and floppy if I'm not playing often. My back and neck pains are taking a toll on me though, I wake up in the morning feeling like P-Diddy. LOL joke. sorry so lame. But really, when I wake up I feel like I've been hit by an elephant. My neck is always so sore. Am I really getting old? D: Will see how it goes during normal clinic days, I'm kind of dreading it. What am I going to do if its unbearably painful?
Shall see a physio soon to make sure I'm all in check.

Simon is off to Coober Pedy AGAIN for work tomorrow, he'll be gone for about three days. Ofcourse I feel sad that I don't get to see him for three days- who else is going to annoy me with their quirks and all the wonderfully lame jokes- but then I compare it to Zhen, who has to go without seeing his other half for MONTHS at a time. Months. Wow. A huge thumbs up to my dear brother and his girlfriend in Malaysia.
I've always told myself that I would never do long distance, and that statement still holds true. Maybe its a girl thing, but I don't think I could handle not seeing each other for such long periods at a time. It would absolutely kill me. I need the physical and emotional support, the hugs after work when I'm feeling like ass.. being able to call him when I need to, whether its to talk, to rage about the ass-wipe at work, or to pick me up when I don't feel like taking the bus when its 40 degrees out. Man, I sound like a princess.
Far from it Ladies and Gentlemen, if anything, I'm a dude. People constantly tell me that I act like a guy, and I don't mind it one bit. I like being who I am, doing what I like to do, sitting with my legs up on the chair. Haha.. The guys at work always love it when I'm working, cause they know that they can get things done fast when I'm around. Other girls shy away from the labour but I always offer to do it for them. Carrying the heavy boxes, mixing cans and cans of tuna, cutting all the vegetables for the next 4 days. Man. it gets so tiring I have to admit. But I kind of enjoy it. Having something to do while Simon is busy at work makes the day go by super fast! Then we get to hang out all over again.
Anywho, super off topic arn't I. The way my mind works sometimes..
The point is...
What was the point..? HAHA.
The point is that.. I'm gonna miss him, Long distance is crabsticks and I'm a dude. Yup. That sums it up pretty well, don't you think? :)

Enjoy the rest of your holidays errbody!

Thursday, January 22, 2015


A super late happy new year to you all :) Did you make any resolutions for 2015?
Surprisingly I did not, and I'm not too sure why. Pure laziness maybe thats why, haha.. Damn. Older and not wiser, but lazier and a continual growth of my love for sleep.
Literally get home from work and crash, fall asleep for a few hours and wake up to maybe play some badminton or watch a movie if I feel like it..
Uni is starting in a little over 2 weeks time. On one hand I'm excited to start uni again, but on the other hand it scares me.. Such little time left, so much to learn and remember.

A bit sad that I didn't get to go anywhere outside of Adelaide for my holidays.. Partly my fault cause of the lack of planning and my 'meh' approach to organising anything. A little part of me feels like the holidays have been wasted, having been spent entirely in one place. Whilst my friends are off in Nepal, Bangkok, Malaysia, Cambodia, Taiwan, Korea.. I'm just flopping around the house, waiting for my next shift at the sushi store. Lol. Sadness to the max when I think about it like that. Oh wells.. next year...

So whats new? I used the money I saved up over the holidays to buy myself a laptop. After alot of debate, Simon insisted that he pay for half- Which I do feel very grateful and appreciative of- however its a different feel from buying something yourself with your own hard-earned cash. I really wanted to pay for it all, to be able to say 'Yes, I worked hard for this'- like my guitar, the first thing I ever purchased with money that I had earned. Haha.. Simon is definitely way too generous!! Not complaining though :) Appreciate him more and more errday. Cheese to the max.
Been wanting one for ages. I used to have the Surface RT, the earliest, oldest model available off gumtree cause I'm cheap with technology like that.. Thought to myself I'd use it alot since its so lightweight and easy to carry around uni.. Nekminit hardly ever use it cause its so confusing with all its touch screen-ness and its shitty keyboard... How to even take fast notes!? Haha first world uni student problems, getting too old for this. So with some help I decided on a fuss-free, super fast processor, nice keyboard and ofcourse, cool-looking light little 13'3 inch. Love it so far.. Can't get enough. Shall treat it like its my baby. Maybe even give it a name. I'll let you know and keep you updated for sure. ahahha.. ghey.

On second thoughts with the resolution thing.. There is probably one thing I'd like to try and 'resolve' or work towards improving upon this year..
And that would be my tone of voice. Tone of voice can make a huge difference in every situation. It can turn a tease into an argument, a suggestion into an accusation, a critique into a fight. Not that I've been in heaps of fights before haha but I have noticed that my tone of voice can get quite serious very quickly, and I do raise my voice at the drop of a hat, instead of keeping my cool and being calm and collected, non-judgemental and polite.
Could be cause I'm so tomboy that I've become accustomed to just speaking my mind, but I think it does affect those closest around me, my family and my other half.
I've come to notice how the WAY people say things sometimes hurt not because of the words they are saying, but HOW they are saying it.

Need to stop and think about how I handle things once in a while, hey?