Monday, August 3, 2015

The Amazing Raise.

You know what I've been super into lately?

Tropical House music. Who ever even knew that was a thing? Something about it just makes me zone out and enjoy. Especially when I need to write my essay. I don't even realise that I'm actually doing work. haha.. Youtube Kygo Summer mix. Currently listening! Might not be everyones cup of tea but I'm thoroughly enjoying :)

Took part in the Amazing Raise a couple days ago, pretty much a super small scale non-televised version of the Amazing RACE. Haha. It was part of an event to help raise money for the Cambodia World Family, to send a few groups of students to Cambodia to do some volunteer dental work for the kids over there.

It was actually super fun. One of our team mates turned out to be not as fit as he thought, and ended up leaving before the last leg of the race, ate a bowl of ramen and then caught up with us at the finish line haha.. that guy. What a noob.
In total we ran about 15kms back and forth the city, looking for clues and doing activities. We were doing well until we got mislead by one of the clues and lost quite abit of time. In the end we were in the right place at the start, just at the wrong entrance. Goddamn, barr smith library, why you so big?
In the end we came 6th out of 16 teams, which was pretty good effort. But had we not been mislead i'm sure we would have come top 3. It was super fun anywho, using your mind to think out riddles as well as having a super long run. My love for sudoku finally came into use haha. And maths skills oh my glob, I actually did some math problem solving for the first time since I left highschool. So glad I didn't waste my time doing the higher level maths, cause I seriously haven't needed it at all.. haha. I guess people do the higher level sometimes just for the challenge, even if they know they're not going to use it.

Man, I haven't run so much since .. well.. City to Bay 3 years back. haha.. Glad I could keep up. My legs and knee however... Super sore even today, and my right knee is really painful atm. I've never experienced this kind of joint pain. Didn't help that I went to training that same night also.

I guess it was a super fun weekend, we went to BounceInc the next day, to celebrate a belated 8th birthday for Simon's niece :) That kid. So hyper all the time oh my goodness. I must've been a dud, pretty sure I was the quietest 8 year old ever. Just sat there and read my books like a nerd. Ethinia on the other hand, fun and games for DAYS ahhaha.. So cute. I'm not sure though that when the time comes I could handle such a hyper child. And if my child really is that hyper, I'll have a super fun time learning how to deal with it.. ahhah not. Future husband I think you'll have your hands full.
Was my second time at BounceInc, the first time was with my highschool girls. Haven't seen them in ages....
Everyone was sore afterward, pretty sure the three of us getting too old for it ahhaa.. Simon and Jenny had sore necks and I was sore from all the running the day before.. Ethinia just going crazy haha.. Overall a fun time, but more of a one time thing. Not to mention how expensive it is to take a family there, Simon took us all there as a birthday surprise for Ethinia and it cost about... 70? 80 dollars? That is way to pricey for an hour's worth of bouncing around for four people. I'd rather eat $80 worth of burgers and hotdawgs. Hahah..
Happy Times yo. oh btw if you haven't been to the newly relocated NNQ in on Woodville, get on it! We were all super impressed. Just be prepared to bump into several people you know. Apparently its always extremely busy.
Happy times people :) Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

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