Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Birthday Jiggle

Good evening, lovely people! Blogging while waiting for Simon to finish studying for his test tomorrow.. Haha its a rare sight. Must be a hard topic!

Birthday has come and gone, and now I'm 22. TWENTY TWO. Jeebus. What an old fart.
When I was a kid I always imagined how I'd be when I was 18 and then 21. I never even thought about anything past that for some reason. I guess to me back then it was way too far into the future to even consider. Hahah.. young me. What I would give to be back to those years, cutting hair off my barbie dolls, making cubby houses with Zhen and fighting with my cousin Emily. Hahah... the memories are strong.

Had a nice birthday, still yet to celebrate with any of my friend groups though, those are to come in the next few days. Birthday night was spent with my family- had hot pot then cake, as per usual. Super enjoy family time these days, its definitely because I'm older that I appreciate family time more. My last dental pubcrawl was on the same night and I didn't even care that I was giving it up to spend my birthday with family. That has to be a good sign haha. Family comes first always right?

Then Saturday night was spent at Africola with my other half :) Africola.. What can I say.. It was interesting to say the least. Extremely nice flavours but the flavours were all very intense, and each dish so different from the next. Not sure I would eat there again but it was a really good dinner. One of those that you'll thoroughly enjoy, but too lavish to have again? I don't even know how to explain. Oh, quite pricey also, so prepare your wallets. Hahah..
It was good that you could choose to sit at the bar, and watch the open kitchen prepare all the food. Very interesting.

Both of us were super tired from the tournament though, I'm pleased to say that we're getting better as a mixed doubles pairing ;) Kinda struggled at the beginning and never really saw improvement for a long time, not to mention the added struggles of being a couple and playing together- everyone says couples always end up fighting on court- but then the past few tournaments we've seen great results. Runner up in the last tournament, and we've been winning matches that we didn't have hopes of winning beforehand. Super proud of us :) Lots of communication but also restraint. Its so easy to just lash out at a boyfriend because you're too comfortable. Just like its so easy for me to say nasty things to Zhen, cause thats just how we do. I started to lash out abit and the game would get a little tense. But if you think about it, you'd never get mad or put the blame on your partner if your partner were your friend or just a random right? What gives me the right to lash out at my partner just because he's my boyfriend? Doesn't make things any easier. Doesn't make us play any better!

Simon spent the night on Thursday and as I woke up to send him off to work way too early (tradie life yo!), he surprised me with my birthday present :)
Super unexpected because we both agreed not to spend too much money on birthday presents from now, and he already gave me a new pair of running tights on Thurs night. Cheeky as man...

I have a few friends that post alot on facebook on how their boyfriend spoils them.. But when you think about it, why do they post? I used to think it was cute and they were just showing their appreciation, but damn, when they start posting every month about extravagant gifts that their special someone has bought them 'just because', you start to wonder whether they're just posting to brag. Whats the point in getting something expensive for no particular occasion?  The act of receiving and appreciation just becomes a normality.. instead of something super special! 

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