Wednesday, September 9, 2015

On call

Just a quick forewarning, sappy stuff on the way..

Listening to a song by 98 degrees called I Do (Cherish you), and can't help having the biggest feels for my other half. Super oldie, before my time lol. 
I remember about a year ago hearing him sing this song at karaoke and it just took me by so much surprise. I sat there and just stared at him. I had that feeling of admiration and longing, and was just so grateful to have him. Its weird, sitting right next to a person but still missing them. Really absurd.
Listening to the song again by myself, all the feels just hit me like a brick lol. Had to express them somehow. And well, because I'm alone, this will have to do. ahha Just really love the guy. Honeymoon period still going strong. :) He's the best part of my day by far. 

If you didn't know this about me, I'm quite an irritable person. My close family and friends will know this well. I don't know how he puts up with it. Its something I've been trying to improve about myself for a long time. Sometimes I breathe and get through it, but other times I snap over something really tiny, something hardly reasonable to get annoyed at. You can imagine, someone as spastic as my dearest Simon might get on my nerves from time to time. Haahah but thats just how he is! He's the wonderfully crazy, energetic spastic bunny. All the qualities I adore. haha ...And Me? Thats just how I am. Easily irritable and impatient. Not proud of it. Still working on it.. Its not you its me. hahah..
I reckon deep down I'm actually a pretty stressed out person. Everyone thinks I'm super chill and that I get through things super easily, but in reality I over think everything and get caught up in the small stuff.. But everyone has their issues I'm sure. 
Just thankful to have someone that takes me as I am. Personality issues and all. Really motivates me to try and improve myself, to be even a little bit deserving of this relationship.
Eurgh. How cheesy. But just how I feel right now. 

Rostered off this week, but instead of having a week off, checked the On call list, and apparently I'm it. Please please no one call in sick today.. haha So I'm just sitting in uni, hoping that the phone doesn't ring.
Kind of sucks to be on call cause I don't live close to the city. We're expected to be able to come in within 15 minutes of getting a call.. And it usually takes me 40minutes to get into town. Lucky people who live in the city.. I could be taking another one of my many naps right now. Hahaa.. Shall just finish my resume and the house dentist application.
Going to apply for a house dentist position at the dental hospital, thought I might as well. Although competition is high and I probably won't get it, no harm in trying right? It's just a 2 month job, to take over cases that students weren't able to finish before going on holiday. Essentially won't have a holiday at all, since we work right through the new year. But anything to get experience and a foot in the door right.. Also mo money ;)
My resume has been coming along.. ever so slowly. I keep putting it off, and the more my dad keeps reminding me and pushing me to go out and apply for jobs, the more I don't want to do it.. Sorry dad. I don't handle that kind of pressure well. Just makes me more anxious and more apprehensive. That being said, he makes a great point, and I should really get a move on..

Parents leaving to Sydney for a few days on Friday, then a couple days later they're off to America for 2 weeks. So glad that they're enjoying themselves right now :) Definitely my goals at their age.

Oh em gee.. need to take a dump. And I'm at uni.. WHAT DO I DO!? All the dilemmas... shiet.
Maybe I'll go home just to dump then come back out.. but what if I get called in... hahah Seriously what do I do.. 

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