Friday, January 1, 2016

New things

Gosh, how long has it been? I can't even recall.
So much has happened since the last time I posted.
Christmas and the New Year has just passed, quite a nice family feel period of time. Especially now that our family is slowly expanding- Brother's girlfriend, Brother's wife, Simon and my cousin Serena who lives with us.
Alot of presents were bought. haha.. we don't usually do Christmas presents at all, since its not a huge thing at all within my family. But I thought since this year I'll be working and making money, its only fair for me to buy presents to show my appreciation :) Simon and I spent many days shopping and thinking of good presents to buy that people would actually make use of. We did pretty well, if i say so myself haha. I'm pretty sure everyone is using their presents well! :)
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a rocking New Year's eve celebration!

I was successful in the House Dentist application within SA dental, and am working at the Elizabeth GP plus unit- doing General and Emergency dental. Pretty big achievement for me, as I had little hopes of getting it. I must be alright at what I do then? Haha..
The House Dentist position is only until Feb 5th though, it was a temporary position, pretty much just taking up work where other dentists and students are on holidays. Really making use of it, as its great to work independently and be incharge of your own patients as opposed to having tutor checks for every little thing, but also having a safety network where you can ask your fellow colleagues and senior dentists any issues you may have. Its so good to have that mentorship available, where other places wouldn't have. Alot of my friends are starting work at clinics where they're the only dentist there. I'd hate to be in that position if and when shit hits the fan.

After the house dentist position is finished, I'll be moving to Port Augusta to take a full time position at one of the private clinics there. Super grateful for such a good opportunity to gain exp. Working in rural really makes any CV stand out from the crowd when searching for work.
I had my doubts about working in the country at first, but after talking to my tutors and colleagues, its a leap that I need to take. Especially as I'm still young. Once I'm older and my life starts to get more complex- with marriage, housing.. children maybe? - in mind, it would be much more difficult and a bigger challenge emotionally to leave Adelaide at all.
I think its going to be a great job :) been to the clinic and met everyone, they all seem super nice, friendly and helpful. The boss is the most friendly boss I have ever come across, very accommodating, very flexible. He was more than happy for me to start late feb due to my previous commitments in Adelaide, no questions asked.
In the interview I had with him, we talked for over an hour about the job (obviously), but also about pretty much everything else inbetween ahah.. Its a great feeling to get along with someone so well straight off the bat.
Everything about the position sounds great- pay is good too ;) but just very keen to have some freedom out there and see how I improve.

As its only 3 hours away from Adelaide, I'll be able to come back if I need during the weekends. I finish 12pm on Fridays. so I could be back before dinner. Simon said he would be too worried if I were to drive back and forth all the time, so I'll most probably be taking a bus to and from.
Accommodation wise, I'll be living with a friend from Uni who also does dentistry. Rent is super cheap if split between the two of us. Can't wait to pretty up my room ahha.

Mum isn't so happy though, she keeps telling me to take a job with SA dental in Adelaide- I was successful in getting through the interviews and getting a place in the candidate pool- out of 96 candidates, I think less than 36 got interviews, and even less got a place in the candidate pool. Pretty proud of myself, I won't lie. Even though I won't be taking a job with them this year, its a pretty great confidence booster. The coordinator asked for my preferences, and from there we will be made offers based on merit. However, I just let them know I already secured a full time position elsewhere, but would like to remain in the candidate pool. I'll need to reapply after 12 months if I want to be offered a job next year.. but we shall see how the Port Augusta job goes, if it goes really well, I wouldn't mind staying several years before returning to Adelaide.

Few more days until work starts again.. I got my first pay check- SO EXCITING ahha.. never had one of those before.
Life is moving extremely fast.. But I'm super excited, content with everything I have, and looking forward to what this year is going to bring me. :)

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