Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I can't even.

Late night tonight, plus Simon is fast asleep..
Damn son, how do you sleep literally anywhere in like 5 seconds? I wish I could do that.
Feel super lonely cause I'm the only one up. Probably cause everyone has to work and I'm just being a fat ass couch potato all day.
Holidays? I'd rather be busy, making money.

Still waiting on my provider number to be registered before I move up to Port Augusta. We're about 2- 3 weeks late, and maybe more if it doesn't get done soon. All we can do is wait.

I really can't wait to get up there and to start working. I'm actually looking forward to having nothing to do after work but go to the gym, eat and sleep.
Been going to the gym quite frequently lately, cause I just joined Anytime Fitness in preparation for the countryside.
Not really focusing on weight loss (although it would be nice), more trying to gain muscle mass.
Aiming to get stronger. I'm sure as I keep lifting heavy and eating well, the extra weight will just shed off.
Or maybe I'll just end up looking massive. HAhaha. whatevs. Simon has to like me either way. We're in too deep haha*dun dun dunnnn*
We'll see how it goes. 3 weeks in and I've already managed to strain something. Was going too heavy with the deadlifts and so wasn't keeping good posture and killed my back. Sigh. Rookie mistake.
I join Simon at Goodlife with his guest pass on the weekends too, and I've found that there is a huge difference when I compare my experiences at the two gyms.
For one, when I'm at Goodlife I feel very comfortable in the weights area.
When I'm alone at Anytime, everytime I walk into the weights section, I feel like all eyes are on me, because I'll be one of the only (if any) girls around. I feel like people are watching what I do and judging me with every exercise. Its quite uncomfortable some days. Sometimes I don't care, just pump my music really loud and grind through it. But other days I just feel too weird and usually leave out some exercises that are still new to me and that I don't really know how to do. It really affects my workout and also how hard I push.
Eurgh. If only there were a Goodlife in Port Augusta.

I wish Simon were awake. Damn I'm selfish. haha.. But we all knew that already.
I dunno, I guess its because I haven't been working, so I have heaps of energy when night time comes around.
But sometimes I wish he would make the effort to stay up for just a liiiittle bit..
Look at me, whinging about stupid shit. haha GROW A PAIR, Jun.

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