Tuesday, June 30, 2015


First and last exam in a few hours. I'm starting to get nervous but theres not much I can do now ahahha.. General knowledge be general. Not really sure what they might ask today. A 15 minute oral exam doesn't sound long but it'll feel like an age when I'm actually sitting infront of the panel lol. Sweaty palms bro.

Yesterday I was procrastinating so hard that I thought screw this, I'm getting that haircut that I've been wanting for weeks. I remember back in Whyalla wanting to get it cut but- for one, its Whyalla- who gets their hair cut there.. and two.. my tutor had just got her hair cut similar to how I wanted it and yea. That would have been awkward.. she probably would be like who is this fool, trying to kiss ass and copy me. Hahaha.. Heres a before and after. The before isn't so clear but my hair was getting too long for me to handle lol. Too many hairs on the ground, in the shower, in my bed.. plus there was no shape to it, it was just limp and boring. Well, to me anyways. I also didn't wear it down very often. So whats the point of having long hair if I'm going to tie it up anyways and not wash it for days cause I can't be bothered? Hahah.. I know. I'm lazy. I have been told.

At least with my short hair, the showers will be easy and I wont be traumatised by the amount of hair I shed after every wash. I can't wait!! :D hur hur.. the simple things in life.

Went to the hairdresser that Simon goes to- Lecido I think its called now. He goes every few months cause the hair starts to look like a birds nest HAHA soz babe. Not that its a bad look ;) I liked it there, aside from goddamnn $35! Never paid so much for a haircut... pretty much ever haha. I didn't even have my hair washed! Maybe it would have been $40 if I got a wash too +_+ But I guess what can you expect, ladies haircuts seem to be getting more expensive these days. Along with everything else in the world. Besides K-mart. K-mart is always cheap :D My absolute favourite store at the moment.

Fark, need to get off the social networking and revise. 2 more hours. Wish me luck people!

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