Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Last day of clinic at the Whyalla Oral Health Centre tomorrow. Super pleased haha..
Even though I'll have to do my self-assessment and see what grade she has decided for me .. plus give my case presentation.. its the LAST DAY. Hahahah.
One more day of clinic and then we will be off to the Royal Flying Doctor Service. Plane rides for the win!
However, I did have a dream that the aircraft crashed. ..bad sign? Hmm..
Should be a great experience, hopefully I'll still have net when I get there so I can blog about it. Otherwise I'll just wait until I touch down in Port Augusta. Intrigued to see how it goes, and what kind of demographic we get to treat. Hoping there will be a few young ones to see! Mungerannie, I think the place is called. About an hour and a half plane ride from Port Augusta. Apparently a very remote area surrounded by desert.. Legit rural I guess! Pretty excited :)

5 weeks went by quickly, but I won't forget how much stress I felt throughout, and there were times where I had truly given up on myself. Picked my game back up by the end of it, hopefully its enough to get me through. And if not.. well, my tutors back in Adelaide love me so I'm sure I'll be fine. HAHA. Maybe. Fingers crossed :)

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