Monday, November 24, 2014

Fingers and toes crossed.

One more exam tomorrow and I'm finally done with 4th year! .. for now. Haha.
Trying to keep a positive mindset on my results, apparently they're coming out next week. On the bright side, if I get a supp then I'm still in Adelaide :)
This year was the first time I wasn't able to finish my exam within the allocated time. Was super upset about it.. I thought I'd be okay flicking through it at the start, but every question took me a while to think about, until there was 15 minutes left and I realised I wasn't even close to the end of the book. I kid you not, my hand was cramping from how fast I needed to write and my brain was pounding from thinking at the same time. Crossed out a bajillion times because I wrote too fast for my thinking process. Haha..
I worked it out after, there were 22 pages of questions, and only 1 hour allocated. The other hour was to write 2 essays. What even. I have a feel that multiple people in our year will complain about it. I really hope they do. Because I was in such a rush, everything I wrote was very sub-standard. If only I had more time.
They say fourth year is the toughest one, and until last week I didn't believe them.
Sure, Clinic was taxing and there was so much to learn but damn, these exams really raped without lube. Fingers crossed for tomorrow!
Kind of lost the motivation to study for tomorrow though, last exam and all.. Plus we had a one week break between the 3rd exam and the last one.
Hope I won't need to re-do the year, but I guess it wouldn't be the worst thing. More experience = skill level over 9k, yea?

Been celebrating a little too early though. Straight after my 3rd exam and after smashing out my oral surg case report, I totally chilled and just spent a whole day vegging out and sleeping. Literally woke up and ate, then slept then woke up and ate again. HAHA.
Then the weekend rolled around. Felt nice to make an effort to look half-decent and go out for dinner :) Super enjoyed. Sunday morning was spent helping my dad and his volunteer group pick up rubbish around china town, then had a Sturt lunch to go to, then badminton. Only just started studying for my exam. Thats how laze I have been. Eurgh.

Can't wait until tomorrow is done!! .. I really need to clean my room. Legit pig sty. If you know me, you know I'm not exaggerating. I'm actually the biggest slob. I can leave dirty dishes in my room and not be bothered. If I'm lazy I'll just chuck my worn clothes back in the cupboard without folding them. My bed will never be made unless my dad tells me to. I can go a whole month in exam period without doing my laundry. Think about how much laundry that is.
... good luck future husband. HAHA. ♥

Gin Long tomorrow night with my high school girls. Cannot. Freaking. WAIT! Been wanting to go for ages and ages and ages. Maybe like a whole year.
Epic jun is going to explode with fun-ness and activities tomorrow at 3:15pm. Oh man. So many activities. Badminton, hiking, running, swimming, tennis, movies, cooking, blogging, shopping, cleaning, piano, guitar, eating, partying, drinking, EVERYTHING!! And so much sleep-time :')

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