Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Short shorts

I got a haircut. Yes. ANOTHER one! Sheit son. So sassy. definitely abit on the short side for my liking but hey, new things to try, new experiences to have! Going to be a b-word trying to style it everyday so I guess as per usual it'll be pinned back. has to be anywho for clinic. 
I went into oh Kim's after lab today, not really caring what kind of style I got, just knew I wanted it shorter. My hair was getting out of control and had lost its shape already. Decided that I wanted something similar to how I originally had it cut, something like an asymmetrical bob. mannn she cut it short lol. Snips FIRST, THEN asks if it's ok. well woman, I guess it HAS to be okay, if it isn't then what can you even do about it? glue back the pieces of hair that you already cut off? haha jeebus. 
To be honest was super upset at how it looked cause she curled it straight after and I ended up looking like a French guy with a wig. Who CURLS such short asymmetrical hair?! Well.. other than her lol. But definitely looked better after I raced home and straightened it out. phew. 

well there's my cool story of the day. CSOTD for short. Loool. I should make that the new IN thing. 

hope I get all my remaining exercises completed tomorrow in my extra lab sesh.. no. not HOPE. I WILL. >:) motivation 9000+!

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