Saturday, March 22, 2014

Girls just wanna have fun

I'd apologize for not blogging in forever but, why blog if you're not feelin' it? It should be fun, something you enjoy doing :) Not some sort of chore that you feel you MUST do. Maybe thats how youtubers feel these days. The pressure to churn out vid after vid to please their crowd and gain subscribers. To the point where making videos is no longer something they enjoy. It then becomes an expectation. 
Thats probably the same for alot of things. Too much of anything is bad, its true.

I came home from badminton one night and walked into the living room. The first thing my dad comments on is how sick I look. Sick, pale girl. Gah. I hope it was just that night. But I think I actually feel weak most of the time lately. No matter how much sleep I get, no matter how much work I don't do lol. It's not like I've been exercising like crazy or anything either. Maybe I just need even MORE sleep. yeaaaa thats probably it. haha.

What have I been up to?
Ferris wheel rides, parties, studying, badminton, back to the gym (finally), working, birthdays -HAPPY 21st ROSEMAY!- and graduations.

LOL Busy busy. Always. haha.. Making the most of my 20s..before I turn 21 D: eurghhhh.
Shiet man. To plan a party or not to plan a party? I so ceebs with party and organization. Purely because I am terribly disorganized. I'll have to work on that at some point.

Back into reading, also. And I'm happy that I've made time to get back to it. I had forgotten how I used to feel, getting so into the storyline of the book, not wanting to put the book down. Before I know it, 3am rolls around and I'm half way into a fat book that I just started reading. I had forgotten how much I loved reading. Brings back memories, waking up the next morning to an open book and the bedroom light still on.
Not sure what prompted me to start reading again, I know I made it one of my new years resolutions. But it wasn't til I saw on youtube the trailer for 'The Fault in Our Stars' and saw heaps of good reviews on the book that I thought to myself 'i HAVE to have it'. I hardly ever get excited about buying books. Unless its harry potter. Or a Series of Unfortunate Events. Which reminds me, I have to re-read those. :)
Anywho, as soon as I saw the trailer on youtube and found out the storyline was from a book, I had to order it online. Another 'first' for me, since I've never bought a book online. But I just couldn't wait lol. Maybe I'm just getting more impatient.

After finishing the book, a sort of sadness lingered for a couple days. Not only because I had finished the book and so my bus rides would revert back to its dull book-less routine, but also because the ending was sad. Eurgh. I usually cannot take reading about dying people, people who have cancer, people who are less fortunate.. But I had a feeling that reading this book would make me appreciate life so much more. Appreciate those that care for me, those that look after me, those that love me. Appreciate being ultimately healthy, safe..alive. and yea. shit like that. HAHA. this is getting way too cheeseballs, i know. But dayum. I feel it guys. I feel it.
I will admit, the book wasn't THAT good. It was no Harry potter. The storyline even, was predictable. But I'm so happy to have read this book. What is wrong with me?! getting so worked up over a book. Maybe I'm just uber happy to be reading again. Maybe I just like them high-school reads. haha..

Parents are leaving early tomorrow morning. Let the fun begin!!
Not that I won't miss them. I'll miss them dearly. But hey, a girls gotta have fun right? ;D

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