Sunday, March 2, 2014

First week

Fuarrk, the past few days have been super hectic. Mentally and emotionally challenging.
I didn't realise having full day 9-5 clinic sessions would be so demanding.
So my first fixed pros patient turned up needing two crowns and a bridge so.. Yay for fixed pros units! :D one step closer to graduating. LOL
But man. It was quite stressful, time management wise. Ghey alginate impressions. Stupid new orange estimate forms. Oh my glob the paperwork! Went over time by a whole hour, last one to dismiss the patient and then had to run off to my PCU session with an empty stomach. Twas sad. I shall be prepared with museli bars in the future ;D
Although that was nothing compared to my clinic session for Endodontics. I rolled in all confident, thinking all I'd do was a quick consult, figure out what needs to be done and then get my patient out of the chair by 3pm, at the latest. NEKMINIT tutor tells me to start extending the access cavity and to start instrumentation.
WHAT EVEN. I had no clue what I was doing. To be completely honest. Sure, we had all done it in lab a million times.. but to do it in my first session with no preparation- I thought I was going to dieeee.
Ofcourse all good though, my tutor was there to guide me through it for the most part. Although, again, managing to go over-time about an hour and being the last student in the clinic.
But again, Yay for Endo units! :D heh. Pretty sure I was the only one who started treatment that day.
Just wish I had been more prepared.

Aaaanywho. I'll stop talking now. Don't pretend that you're interested, you! Haha.
Man. It's MARCH already.. Hello Autumn, am I right?? :) Looking forward to the cool weather, all the jumpers I will wear, all the boots I will walk in, all the cuddles I will have- with my soft toys.

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