Thursday, May 1, 2014

Tweet tweet

SO as I sit here with my cup of super strong, bitter-as-i-like-it coffee and bag of dried apricots, I wonder when I got so shat at studying. Lol.
I need tissues for my issues. Not happy tissues. Sad tissues. Cry tissues. haha
Its a combination of my attachment to social media and also my short-attention span. I didn't think I was hooked that badly, until I try to sit down and study. The moment I take out my book and prepare a clean piece of pad paper, I start to feel lonely. LOL not the 'no-body loves me' kind of lonely, but the- SOMEONE TALK TO MEEEEE- kind of lonely.
Lately its like if no ones physically around me, I need atleast a means for them to reach me. So I must always be available online, or via text. Jeebus, this sucks a big one. See, even now while I procrastinate my study for the perio test on Friday morning, I feel like I need to be talking to someone, hence the blogging. Indirectly talking to MORE than one! Efficiency strong.
Sure, I adore my so called 'alone-time', ie sitting on the bus, walking aimlessly around town, laying on my bed doing absolutely nothing, gymming..
But then again, even then I'm not really alone. Always surrounded by people, always nearby a computer or a phone. Theres even wifi in the gym now, people. Tell me HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO FOCUS!? Haha. I used to need to turn on my 3G to get internet in the gym, so I never bothered since my 200mb cap is always used up by the first week of the month.
Heck, I'd have so much TIME on my hands if not for social media.

Not to say that I'm totally addicted, cause I don't think I am. Pretty sure I could do without it, if I wanted to. Its just the CONVENIENCE of it all is crazy. Absolutely bonkers.
Ofcourse, all this is now Normal. We don't even think twice to check our phones, even if we did just pick it up about 30seconds before. After all, 30seconds is a lot of time. We could have gotten 5 more notifications. Sarcasm intended guys, I'm hardly that popular.

Whats been up? I've been enjoying life a little too much.
Next 6-8weeks is going to be crazy. Crazy in the sense that I have way too much to study for.
Periodontal tests, paediatric tests, Fixed pros crazy-lady tutor, Oral surg rotation, MID-YEAR EXAMS HOLYSHITWTFBBQ its that time of the year yet again. FREAK OUT NOW.

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