Saturday, October 18, 2014


Guys, I gotta be honest with you- haven't been in the best mental state these days. Emotionally, that is.
I don't know when I became this way.. So easily irritated, easily annoyed- one comment can just set me off. It's exhausting.
Its gotten to the point where I'm annoyed at myself for being so upset all the time. I ask myself 'Why are you upset?', and I can barely answer my own question.
No people, its not PMS. Like I always say, people CAN be mad and NOT be PMS'ing. They're called feelings. If you know me, you'll probably be aware of how much it ticks me off when people just assume a girl is on their PMS if they're even the slightest bit irritated. Sure, its a possibility, but its highly insensitive to just dismiss a girl's emotions, and attribute the feelings to PMS. Maybe she's ACTUALLY mad at you, cause you were being a dumbass.
There are so many better things I could be doing, but I choose to sulk and be a knob. Even the last time I played badminton, I shocked myself at how mad I was getting at myself. Every shot I messed up, every smash that went into the net, every time my footwork failed me. I'm usually quite a level-headed person, especially in badminton.
Lately, I don't know.

Need to learn not to be so sensitive. Not to over think things. Not to make up stupid scenarios in my head. Not to take things to heart.

Need to have more confidence in myself.

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  1. Know how you feel girl! I always get frustrated at myself too ... knowing I shouldn't feel some way but still ending up doing it anyway ><

    Hate it when people blame everything on PMS..gah...if only the world was that simple right? lol!

    Cheerio up...