Thursday, June 7, 2012

Reasons to smile

I can never think about anything significant enough to blog about anymore. This is turning into a poo-blog. BAAACK in the day, even the most simple event like going to buy my dental tools had me thinking about how I'd write a blog about it later in the day. Aahh, such young love. haha.
Young love, did you say?
man, I really try not to think about it, but when I think about certain relationships, I worry. How can two people be so attached that the moment they're apart, they begin to miss each other so badly that they start having withdrawal symptoms, break down with depression, gobble down twenty chocolate donuts.. Don't get me wrong, I'm not hating or anything, I literally just can't understand the feeling. I wish I did. Because isn't that love? I don't know. Really don't think I know much about the L word. Isn't it just a stronger word for like. Just like slap is a stronger word for pat. Oh no she didn't. ehehe.

My reasons to smile? TODAY. So today was a good day. Why, you ask? I passed clinic. Oh congrats jun, well done, clap clap. NO. No. I didn't JUST pass. I'm on a whole other LEVEL of passing. I passed with a GOOD. Not JUST a Satisfactory, a Good :D LOL Sounds stupid, I know. But thats how they grade us. Sure, its no Excellent, but hey, I've got to start SOMEWHERE. A 'Good' is as good as I've ever achieved so far in terms of clinic. So much improvement from the last Borderline. Sigh. Borderline. Oh, the shame. Forever on my record. But yay. Celebrations are in order.

All this good stuff happening in my life. Study, exercise, friends, family.. everything's going so well at the moment. I like it juuust the way it is. Who knew life could run so smooth? Right about now. Stop, time. STOP! I'm just going to sit back in my electricblanket-heated bed and savor the moment. Before something noob happens and then I come back here and blog-cry about it. haha NO. I did not just jinx myself.


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