Friday, June 15, 2012

It's almost PBJ TIME.

Ello, Guv'na! Bread and butter, did you say?

Twas a cold day today. Couldn't feel my nose. Or my toes. HAHA gotta remember that its WINTER now, and no matter how sunny it is in the afternoon, nights will ALWAYS be freezing minus ten hundred degrees. Lol. Just kidding. But it was pretty cold. Rug up, ladies and gentlemen! Don't catch the fluuuuuuuuu.

Been going to ze GYM alot the past couple weeks. What, Jun goes to a gym? What is this buuuuulshiittuuuu? yeh, yeh I did it. Joined a gym *round of applause*
Never thought I'd be one of THOSE, gymming almost everyday, buying nice workout clothes and such. Always thought it was a waste of money. Why run on a treadmill when the WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER. Run on your oyster. Outside. With the environment. HAHA. But see, June has come, and my oyster is too cold to run on.
So from now on, if I'm not studying for exams or at badminton, I'm probably at the gym. Fernwood fitness. Top of ye' old Toys R Us building. Come find me. Actually you probably can't if you're a dude. Women-only health club for the WIN.
No longer shall there be old men perving on bouncy boobs and ass while young women run on those treadmills. No more shall there be tanked up guys checking out their own reflection in the mirror on the walls of the weights room. And gone were the days where men gave those 'you don't belong here' looks to women who walk in to lift weights. I just couldn't say no!
Plus I got a half off discount. WHAT UP, CHINA!?
Love it, love it. Feel so happy at the gym. Classes are pretty fun. Exhausting.. but fun. And OH EM GEE, the trainers there... soooo tank. I mean, I always say that I'm a tank, but thats obviously BS. When I say tank, I mean 'can-bench-100kg' kind of tank. And they're not the yucky steroid body-builder type, they're actually totes pretty. Sigh.. one day Jun. one day.
Always spend too much time there and then forget about the tremendulous amount of crap I must get through for exam prep. YES it is EXAM TIME AGAIN. If you haven't started studying, GET CRACKALACKIN', noob! Hard work will aaalways be rewarded :)

Finally got to spend time with my girlies from highschool last week! Had a brownie baking, red velvet cupcake making night. ♥ excuse the heart, but I rearry do love and miss them. So girly, I know. Absence makes the heart grow fonder? One of my dent friends told me that when I was telling him how much I missed my besties. I guess yar, it does it does. I'm sure if everyone makes the effort, we'll stay awesome friends until we're old. When we're old and all our bones are all weak and brittle, we'll help each other up everytime we slip over and break our hips. When your wheelchair breaks down, I'll be there for you. ♥

 Mmm, brownies... Seriously the best brownies I evaaar tasted. Not even exaggerating D: The red velvet cupcakes, I thought were heaps good too. Although the person I gave my last cupcake to said they were kinda plain :( All my sweat and tears... LOL I kid, I didn't really do much. The kitchen is really not a very safe place for me.

Have a great month of June, people.

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