Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Are you cereal?

Not really. At the point in time although I have so much, and yes, I mean SO much material to cover for the coming exams, I don't feel that sense of urgency. But I know I SHOULD be feeling it. Tonight/this morning, I be doing what I do best, pulling all-nighters!
Although, don't think it has been the most productive night/early morning. 5am and all I've covered so far are two lectures on genetics.
Either I'm really slow or really stupid. HAHA. Procrastinating ofcourse. You know what the problem is? I keep picking up the damn guitar. I think to myself 'I'll just practice that part again..' and by the time I put it down again it's been an hour. Rinse and repeat. Sigh. lolol.
Oh well. Twas enjoyable. Not going to pretend that I'm real awesome at it, but I'm improving! Atleast.. I think I am. Hahaha. And its what I THINK THAT MATTERS, SO WHAT!?
One day I shall serenade a guy and he'll be like whoa, this is.. THE girl. LOL. Yeh. totes. hahah Like thats going to happen. But if it does, fairy god-mother, it would definitely be worth the ugly callouses on my fingers! :D

Its so peaceful right now.. so quiet. I guess thats why I dont mind pulling all-nighters, I don't get interrupted, no ones online to post on facebook/twitter/tumblr/blogspot to distract me, phone is not vibrating with notifications every 10 minutes.. I can just do whatever I want at my own pace. LOL sounding so much like an introvert right now. *emotime*

Aanywho, sun is coming up, birds are going to start chirping any moment. Until the next all-nighter blog post, have a nice day!

Fine morning it is turning out to be. CHEERIO!

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