Monday, June 25, 2012

Winner winner, chicken dinner

I wish! Haha. But in my mind, I was a winner today ;) How cheesy is that. LOL.
Sturt championships this weekend. Wasn't expecting anything for the mixed, and didn't have much luck with the doubles (god damn it. again :/), but got women's single's runner up. Ye ye ye ye! Beat someone I've lost to every other time, that feeling is preeetty good. Straight sets too ;) Hot dayum.
That was my achievement today, and although seemingly a small achievement to other people, was a big one for me. I didn't choke. I. Didn't. Choke. HAHA. I'm well known for getting to the end and just failing cause I get too nervous. Didn't happen this time, no sir. In your faces, people who thought I couldn't do it.
Kind of pooped out in the finals though. Guess I'd have to gym/train/play as much as she does to beat her. Pssht, focus on studying, Jun. There are more important things than badminton in life.
If only the prizes were better. sigh. Of all the times they could have given out Athlete's foot vouchers, why not this time?! Guess no new shoes for me this time round :( Noooo. Nike free runs, you WILL be mine one day. 

Whelp, atleast I have a new fluffy 'ribbed' towel and socks. Maybe now I'll finally be able to wear matching socks for once! LOL. Oh, the sadness of not being able to find the other sock.
Heading of for some early morning study now! Making up for study time wasted on the weekend. 2 more days, *hyperventilates*.

Had a heated argument with one of my close friends today.. phew, it was intense. Sometimes its really not one particular thing that sets you off, the thing you're arguing over might not even be significant. I guess you could say it was me being petty. But sometimes its just the way the person approaches the situation. Trolling will sometimes just piss the hell out of me. Just saying.
Different ways of handling problems, and today I don't think I handled it well :\ 
What can i say, at times I can be stubborn.
Ohhh well. Glad we sorted it out by the end of the day/just then. LOL. Texting turned into mega back and forth thousand-word MMSs. 

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