Friday, June 22, 2012

You are a cinema.

Its pouring down outside.. and I LOVE IT.
Rain is so good when you're indoors. Although I'm going out in a couple hours so I hope it stops by then. Going out to the city JUST to hand up an assignment. Serves me right for once again, leaving it til the last minute. I didn't even do much on the assignment.. To be honest my partner did all the work. HAHA what can I say, I'm just not very good at reading articles with bullshit statistics and evidence based reviews. THIS WAS NOT IN THE JOB DESCRIPTION!! LOL.

Spent the last half an hour scrolling through tumblr looking at cute babies. HAHA not creepy I swear. I sold my candy van months ago.

OH. MY. GOD I WANT ONE. FOR CEREAL, SOMEONE JUST HAND ME A BABY ALREADY. I want to hold their little fingers, pinch their puffy cheeks and watch them giggle when we peek-a-boo. Sigh. All the things we could do. Excluding the poop cleaning and stuff.
Oh man. I'm sounding like a crazy person. For all I know, I'm going to end up as a crazy cat lady. Breathe Jun, breath. Relax. Calm the farm. ahaha.
Going crazy from the stress of exams. loldongs.

Ah, the things people do when procrastinating..

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