Thursday, October 25, 2012

Care bears

Exam time is loooooming. LOOMING I TELL YOU! haha. what.
Once again, as always, definitely need to get a move on with the study. Wonder when I'll finally learn, and like every GOOD uni student, allocate an appropriate amount of time to cover all bases? That is, without having to pull eaaarly-mornings, late-nighters, all-nighters, every-nighters.
One day, Jun. One day. It'll happen.
Less than 13 days to go, I can't remember if last semester I was still this unprepared with 13 days left? Meh. I guess every exam period will be different. Put in the effort these next 2weeks guys, It'll be over before you know it.
All-nighters have been screwing with my brain, my sleeping patterns, my appetite and my skin. Several friends are worrying about me. But I feel like they're worrying in the worst way. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the care, I really do.. But I don't appreciate them giving me lectures on how to study when they're not so studious themselves. When they harp on and on about how they think I should really sit down and think about what I'm doing to my future, think about studying hard and focus on my work more. Hypocrites will be hippos. hahaha. But no. It kind of poops me out when people just talk out of their asses like they know everything.
Crap. Now I feel bad, talking about my friend like this, when he thinks he's helping. True feelings can be harsh sometimes..
I'd like to tell him directly, but can't bring myself to sound like a bitch. I mean, how would I feel if the person I was trying to help turned around and told me to get lost? Wouldn't be so nice.
Note to self; before lashing out at person, know that they're just worrying about me. Cause thats what good friends do. Care bears ftw.

Sigh. Exams be gone already. I want to go on my Sydney trip asap.
Ps I passed Pain control clinic, guys :) Now to bring my oral injections into the real world. haha. Not.

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