Friday, April 27, 2012


Going to hate myself for not getting stuck into uni work and bumming around my room instead tonight. On the plus side, laundry? Done.
Tournament tomorrow, wish me luck, yo!
It's weird, usually by now I'd be heaps pumped for it, and be all like I'M TOTES GOING TO GIVE IT MY ALL. Now its like *waves arms* woooo..
Hopefully I'll get into it tomorrow morning. GET EXCITED, EXTRA CHEESE!
Ahh.. motivation seems to be lacking, this past week. For everything :\ Getting slack in just about every aspect of my life. Time to get my shiz together and work hard. Now that parents are back and everything, I'm sure they'll keep me in check whether I like it or not.
A blessing in disguise. Haha, never had to use that saying before. What a smart cookie!

yeah, I'm funny. 
Anywho It's about time I knocked off, gota rest up, and get my beauty sleep. Oh EM GEE-SUS, pimples on my face. Sad.

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