Friday, April 20, 2012

Must be the pills

Don't know why I feel so.. ELATED, at this time of the night. Just started working on my assignment again after thorough procrastination, involving my usual buddies Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, plus badminton, a shower, a couple spring rolls and some exercise involving me doing squats along to Call Me Maybe. HAHA Just imagining the sight probably sends you into fits of laughter. WELL STOP LAUGHING ITS NOT FUNNY. LOL. Anywho I was 300 words into my 2000 word essay when myuni crashed and so its time to blog.

Exciting news, my friends! My parents are leaving to Sydney for some convention thing and they'll be leaving me for a week! I smell some free-time! :D ye ye ye. Well, not TOO much free time, cause I be a good girl.
._. just thought.. what if some crazy guy reads my blog and finds out we'll be home alone... and.. and and.. D:
Don't think about it Jun, such crazy imagination *hyperventilates* Must be all the horror movies talking..

Everyday this week, I go to uni and there are hundreds of people gathered for their graduation outside on the lawns. I say to myself.. one day it'll be me, there in those wizard clothes looking all smart. LOL 'she's as loose as a wizards sleeve!' HAHAH If you get what I mean. Sorry. Dirty joke.
Anywho I got pretty scared, thinking about graduating. What will I do? Where will I go? Will I be any GOOD!? Although I've heard that even if you ARE a crappy dentist, you'll still manage to earn alot. So crafty, my people. Still.. I don't want to be a crappy anything! Sigh.. I've got to stop and think about what I'm doing before I do it more often. Especially in the lab. So many mistakes. But as they say..having a desire to learn, its both a weakness and a strength. Because for this learning to happen, you need to make the mistakes first to learn from them. Such philosophical friends I have. I doth my cap, sir.

Helping the homeless.. Sounds so generous, so nice.. so purposeful. Maybe I should be more like that, and less like 'ew'.

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