Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I have a feeling today will be a good one.

Thats what I tweeted at 7am today. I really shouldn't jinx myself like that. I swear this morning I was feeling on top of the world. And now I'm sitting in my little hole of sadness out in the middle of nowhere. Like a mole. A mole in a hole.

Maybe its the assignment that I can't seem to get past the intro of, maybe its the shit games I had at badminton, maybe my friends were being just that bit more annoying, maybe it was that run in the dark. Maybe it was you. Yeah, it probably WAS YOU.

Am I being dramatic? Making the situation look worse than it is? Is this making a big deal out of nothing? Oh- theres that saying- making mountains out of molehills. And cause today I'm a mole, that saying directly applies. But no, guys, no I'm not. You know why?
Because you're not the one in this situation, and you never have been. You're not the one whose feeling this way. Do you even realise how I'm feeling? No, you don't. Because you think you're always right. Well then so be it, according to you, this stuff I'm getting sad over- Not a big deal.

Gosh, I sound like a whiny pretentious 13 year old princess. Just note that at this very moment, I'm relatively angry.
Ofcourse, anyone reading this is going to think I am OUT OF MY MIND. Time to sleep.
Goodnight. May the wrinkles from the angry face frown not turn permanent.

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