Sunday, September 16, 2012

And the bass keeps running, running

Sup fatties!
City to Bay tomorrow at 8am. WHY so early, 8AM? I don't even think I will be properly awake yet! Just hoping I don't have to pee during. Yea thats what I worry about. HAHA.
A couple friends that I know are running are aiming to finish in 1hr15mins. I'm just aiming to finish. Haha. My aim is to not stop running. Getting there with a good time will just be a mega bonus! Now I'm thinking maybe I should have run the whole 12kms atleast one time through before the event.. Last week did 10k with Mish and SY and made it in an hour, so I'm determined to do just as well tomorrow morning. Thats if I don't fall asleep half way..
Thank Buddha my parents are back to wake me up! Otherwise there is no TELLING what time I'd be up. Probably end up missing out on it, wasting $35 and feeling all sadface.
So many things I rely on my parents for.. I'm thinking maybe the coming new years resolution should include something about being more independent. After all, don't we all strive to be strong, independent young women? Yea you do ;) Don't need no guy in your life, don't need no one's help ever blah blah blah. You go, girlfriend!

Always ever grateful for holidays, even though there is a crap-tonne of work to do. Nyeah.. I'll do it slowly. One day. Got my socks, shirt and shorts folded across my chair, my entrants number lying on the table and my mp3 is on full battery. Night kids, have a sexy dream. But not toooo sexy ;)

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