Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pre-birthday bash

I'd love to be one of those annoying girls who talk all about their 19th birthdays, but I don't have time this morning. Woke up to my 19th in a rush to go to the dreaded UNI for a whole DAY of lectures and lab sessions.. plus the ortho appointment. I can TELL its going to be a wonderful day ._.
So I'll post some pictures up while I can of the birthday dinner my family held for me last night so that I wouldn't have trouble eating it after I get my braces lol.

Woke up today kind of dreading the whole birthday thing, I've lowered my expectations of this day by oh, so much. But I've gotta say, the moment I opened up my facebook page and started reading through some of the birthday messages, I just felt so much better :) Thanks guys for the heartfelt messages some of you wrote me ♥ It really does make a difference!
Atleast that'll be one thing to look forward to when I come home from lab tonight!

 One last cheesy smile with my uniquely awesome freakzoid teeth..
 Keep chillin' like a villin guys, I'll update later.. maybe post a pic of the train tracks.

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