Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas.

All the buskers in Rundle mall really made Christmas shopping all the more awesome! They sounded so sweet (:
This Christmas was pretty awesome, hopefully next year i'll have someone special to share it with, ehy? HAHA just kidding.. or am i?
Been spending a lot of time with Emily, as I do with every holiday. Its been legendary! Done a lot of shopping.. and spent a lot of money.. sigh.. But its ok.. i intend on getting a job soon, so that I can earn some money and not take so much from my parents (: Especially cause of how much they've spent on me already.. all that tuition.......

Anyways, Having a wonderful Christmas so far, going to spend Christmas day packing for the most part actually, because we're about to move houses! Exciting. Haha joke.. I don't really want to move at all! Moving to Paradise. What a cool name yeh? But it's quite far away.. From everyone. That will be ok when i finally get my Ps! lol

I feel so spoilt this Christmas... Got some nice presents (: especially from my brother. I really appreciate it.. so grateful that i have such a lovely family!

Mmm..Euphoria by Calvin Klein.. such an awesome brand. Not that I'm materialistic or anything, but it really is a good brand! haha.. Now i can smell good :D My oldest brother and his gf also got me that necklace around the bottle. It's cute as! (:

Bought these for myself, they were quite a bargain! $40, down from $80 (: Don't worry, if they wern't on special I assure you I would never buy them! LOL so cheap.
Anyway they are the shiz! So nice... Just that I don't know how much I will be able to wear them.. since my dad wouldn't like me looking so..grown up-_- i'll always be his little baby daughter. HAHA but thats ok! (:
i'll have the chance to wear them to party anyway ;)

Got my brother a Spongebob square pants t-shirt, and also got him the awesome furry dice to hang in the car! I thought the photo was very nice, very sentimental (: HAHA good memories.. good memories.
So this Christmas ended up being awesome. Hopefully will be for many years to come :)

Emily and I being massive posers! High-waisted shorts and new heels ftw!

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