Tuesday, October 12, 2010

In the end, it'll be worth it.

Just three more weeks kids! wow, i never thought that i'd be doing my final exams so fast.. This year has gone by so quickly.. like a zyrtec :D LOL if thats how you spell it.
If you dont get the joke then youtube it!! bahaha..
But yes.. I'm feeling kind of excited.. but scared at the same time.
I regret starting my revision so late.. I think i'm going to struggle to cover everything..
3 weeks just sounds so CLOSE. scary isnt it?
But its ok, just think about it, in 5 weeks, after exams are over, My life will be so legendary..

Today I went to play badminton at glenunga, and I'm making that my last badminton session until after exams. So determined yeh? AHHA nah, i shud have done it sooner..
Well i rekon ive worked pretty hard throughout the year... i guess..
And all that hard work will pay off ^-^ so just jia you for the last few weeks, Jun ! =))

But somehow in year 11 i thought that yr 12 would be much harder than what it is now.. i Thought that i would have to stop badminton completely for this year, but I've been going for like 3 times a week :D which is awesome, cause what would i do without my badminton..

Sigh.. I said I'd sleep at the very latest at 12am, its not 1:21am and im still awake.
Today at school, the sub-school head saw me and my friends names carved into the doors of each of our lockers, and made them scrub it off with sandpaper, while i hid in the classroom next to our lockers =P LOL. But can't believe its taken a whole year for a teacher to find out =S

MUCK UP DAY will be awe- sommeeee :D

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