Saturday, September 10, 2011

You had a lot of crooks tryn' to steal your heart,

Never really had luck, couldn't never figure out
How to love.

Such a meaningful song even though its by lil wayne who I can't stand to listen to. HAHA. Don't hurt me.
Saturday afternoons are almost never very productive.
Needing to get a move on with my ILA assignment, since its due very soon and I've been spending the last few days chilling, badmintoning and what else- Oh yeah I ended up going to the show.
It was an impulse thing. Peeps just rang up late yesterday afternoon and told me that they have staff tickets to go to the show.. I got all excited but when I turned up- No staff tickets.
Sigh.. LOL oh well.. thankful that they managed to drag me to the show, I'd forgotten how fun the atmosphere was! :) Definitely smile-worthy.

But nope, not my fat elephant to keep.

Going to a joint 21st tonight, Gossip girl theme? Sigh. You know how much I ceebs for themes. :\ not that I'm a killjoy or anything- no matter how much I sound like one-, but sigh. Now I have to at least try to dress up. Gossip girl, chhh-_-peeps going to be rocking their sexy dresses off, i'll just be chillin' like a cucumber ;) Oh well. After party at Zhe's (Y) naice.
Whats the time? 5:45pm, people. Guess I should go sleep for a while then figure out what to wear. LOL lazy ass.
Heels... going to impair my feet tonight.

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