Friday, October 7, 2011

"You can't go wrong with peanut butter and chocolate."

But apparently I can. LOL. I made Peanut butter and chocolate cupcakes yesterday. "Jun can bake" you say? Haha.. have not touched the oven in about two years.. so I admit, I'm a little rusty. Well after two hours of hard work, the result..

I thought they looked quite edible.. appetizing even! Turns out I overloaded on the chocolate and they're now super rich cupcakes. Good for a sugar rush! :D haha.. Not a bad effort for a first try.
So what was the reason for Jun being in the kitchen? lol. Somebody's smart idea to go to the beach and have a picnic in this weather..-_- Yesterday was quite cold.. the sun had disappeared behind the gloomy, gloomy clouds. But we still went along with the picnic plan. Although the sun did finally come out in the late afternoon! Ahhh.. laying there on the sand with the warm sun..coolbeans to the max.
Anywho I thought my cupcakes looked really nice. Really professional. But then dayummn. One of the guys who came along has suuuuper awesome cookery skills. Gah. Should quit being a student dentist and just be a chef. So pro.. really. My cupcakes looked so... kid-made up against his creations. Sigh.. After putting all the time and effort. LOL but it was a nice relaxing day at the beach (Y) Since it was cold, no one was there. We had the beach all to ourselves!

I begin exam revision tomorrow! So if anyone needs me I'll be in the library. Coolbeans? Coolbeans.

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