Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Just not right now.

Yep, this is abit like how I feel at the moment.
No, not depressed, suicidal or any of that don't worry. Tonight I just felt.. I can't even describe it. The photo does a better job. Anti-social, down, unhappy, sad, cbf and that feeling of just wanting to curl up into a ball and ball your eyes out. My usual happy chappyness had completely disappeared, along with my retarded smile.
Funny thing is, that I couldn't even tell you why. Hilarious. I can't pin point an exact reason, or maybe thats because its not just one thing.
This shiz better be just something crazy going on with my damn hormones. Otherwise I'm afraid there is something wrong with me.
I'm sure I be fine in the morning.

In other news, Its hot. Because I'm here. wink-a-doodle

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