Monday, November 14, 2011


Well, I never thought that I'd be in this situation, but somehow I managed to.
Maybe I'm not cut out for the dental profession. Either that or she just dislikes me.
I'm really hoping the latter. Looking on the 'bright' side, she has been known to fail countless students. I guess she's living up to her name. Thats why everyone is so scared of her, and tis the reason why I get all queasy when she comes over to my cubicle and breathes down my neck while I operate. Out of all the clinic tutors I could have had.. why her?

Sigh. This year has been so different. The year I start failing shit. Gah, You schoolies out there, prepare yourself for failure. I joke, just study hard when you need to. Not like I did, me and my stupid mind always floating elsewhere.

Now I most probably have to operate infront of the board of examiners. Sigh, more people to judge me. Stop judging >:/
I guess SUCH IS LIFE. And these things happen.
Pray that I don't have to sit supps.

Last exam tomorrow. Luck is much needed. ("Goodluck Jun!")
I promise to work harder next year, just let me pass first year. *pray pray pray pray*

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