Thursday, November 3, 2011

If I could be your superman-

Wednesday night I studied all through the night, then went to uni to study more in the morning. After all that studying, its weird but I don't feel like I've learnt all that much. So what was the point!? LOL. got a little crazy by myself, dancing with my jelly-fish arms while I studied about carbohydrate metabolism..
Ofcourse, the high-ness doesn't last forever, after a massive high, you drop to an all-time low. So while everyone studied..
Can you spot the Jun? Hahah.. hilarious. Yup, no wonder my nose is so squished and button-like. After that 10minute nap, woke up and got my study back on. Chyeah, determination for the win.
4Days to go.
..Just want these exams to be over, then it'll be BADMINTONing everyday. Mmm, do all the things I want to do- watch a movie, go to the beach, hang at a park, have a summer romance. Ahh if only.

Superman by Joe Brooks. Newest song on replay over and over and over and over again. Have a listen. He's British. Need I say more? ;) LOL. Well.. I like it.

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