Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Its crunch time.

Exam today at 2pm, although feeling unprepared/overwhelmed with information, I kind of want to just go in an get it over and done with. I always find that after the first exam, the rest just come and go like that *clicks fingers*.
So much study needed to be done today, but my mind was constantly racing with other thoughts. For instance.. what I'm going to do after exams, whens the next time I'll be playing badminton, what to pack for the trip back to Malaysia, what to do once I'm IN Malaysia, what to buy when I go on holidays, other things I could do on holidays.. Yeh. Guess I need to plough through this exam period first and not fudge up before I can even think about doing other things. Lets pray that I've done just enough study. They increased the passing mark too. Now we have to get 65% to pass. Thats pretty ridiculous for just a pass.
I remember in Highschool I would always aim for at least 95%, and when I got 90 I'd be pretty annoyed. Now I'd feel like QUEEN OF THE WORLD if I could just pass :D

Maybe I shouldn't have watched Spongebob squarepants and messed around yesterday instead of studying.. But meh. It was worth it!
What else has been on my mind lately.. Many things. Oh! Question.

TO CUT OR NOT TO CUT!? LOL. always in for a change?
Then again it took me ages to grow it out from the little mushroom it used to be.
Decisions.. decisions. Too many decisions.

Wish my luck for my exam tomorrow! ♥

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