Thursday, November 17, 2011

Looks like I'll just have to own you.

So I've an additional session of clinic on Friday. I'll be there from 9:15- 4:15, with an hour break inbetween. Sheesh, its' like a six hour assessment. Hardcore. Oh, just found out that she borderlined 4 out of 6 people in our group. Just wtf? And I'm expecting that only 5 people in the whole course got borderlines. Betch be hating. I'll just go with 'she's jealous of our youth, that old carrot top.' Although it does make me feel alot better, seeing as I wasn't the only one, and that maybe it really is just cause she's nazi.
So tomorrow I shall be studying hard for it, I will. I'm thinking that if I just rack up the confidence that I'll do awesome, I'll do awesome. Time to show them how 'Satisfactory' I am. Mind over matter, people. So instead of being all crummy and down in the self-esteem section like if have been the past few days, positive thinking ftw :)

We've started moving in to our new house, it's almost complete. Minus the flooring and the blinds/curtains. My dad, being the handy-man he is, wants to do it himself. I guess it'll make the house just that bit more special :)

Yo, random-baby-that-I-dig. *no pedo*

I've been started piano-ing again, after a long time of .. not-playing. lol. I remember when piano used to be a sure-fire way of picking up chicks in high school. At lunch times we'd go down to the piano room near the gym and play a couple pieces, then watch guys show off. Haha.. anywho, while I was on the piano today I started thinking about.. like everything. People, things, places, badminton, studying.. Yup, I was playing for a lonnnng time. Haha. But yeh, even with my now rusty skills, I had forgotten how it used to feel and how much I used to THINK about things while playing. Just having time to yourself..subconsciously re-evaluating your life.
..So much to re-evaluate.

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