Thursday, November 10, 2011

Off topic

Maybe one day I'll have something that I'm passionate about, and actually want to read about it, know everything there is to know, and try everything there is to try. I mean yeh, I play badminton almost excessively when there are no exams to study for, but I know shit all about game plan, techniques, racket styles, stringing tension and whatever. And I don't plan on reading up on it either. Needless to say when people start talking about badminton all I can say is 'Yeh, i love it, lets go play!'
I'd like to one day be the 'go-to' person for something. The person where people say 'Oh, I wonder.. if ___. Maybe I should ask Jun.' LOL. for example- when people want to know about cars, they'd ask Le, Zhe or Simon. When I want to look for new books to read, I'd go ask Rosemay. When people want info on photography they'd go to my oldest bro. When all the aunties and uncles want to make a good curry, my dad would be the number one go-to chef. And all these people, do it.. just because. The only thing that I've been a go-to for is.. that one Asian Adelaidian girl in the course who might know where we could hang out after uni today. But I don't. I know less about Adelaide than those internationals in my course!
Where am I going with this.. Can't remember how these thoughts came about, but I guess I just want to be good at something, love it, and also be knowledgeable about it at the same time. I don't have the faintest idea about what it might be at this point.. but you never know, as you get older, things happen.
Well that was random. Anywho-

First exam is over, not that I did particularly well, but hey, its over right? If I get sups.. I may as well look on the bright side- my Malaysia trip gets cut pretty short, but then again I get the house to myself, and more time to play badminton! Haha.. seeing the silver lining.
Second exam on Friday. Not studying for it so much, cause I really CEEBS to the max.

Looking forward to zee holidays.

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