Friday, July 29, 2011

Looking for something dumb to do

I wonder if I'll be immature my whole life. Haha, I just can't see myself losing the jokes, giggling at inappropriate things.. laughing at almost everything really. It's just who I am! Just awesome. LOL. Some people probably wish that I grew up and was more mature.. thats like telling me to be less happy. -_- That Mark dude told me I was disgusting again cause of how happy I looked when I asked about his holidays. Grr.. Well isn't he a ray of effking sunshine? :)

Dent basement party tomorrow night, the second one of the year. This time there is a theme. Man, themes. Too much effort. Hahah.. The theme is 'Return of your childhood', which I'm guessing means you dress up as like a cartoon or character from when you were a kid. What the shiz am I supposed to go as.. Gosh, ceebs to the max! Too bad there are no Disney princesses that have long black hair.. cause you know, I'd fit the Princess title well, what with my pretty face. LOLOL Okay, I'll stop. Probably making you gag right now.

What else has been happening.. Just uni. Been using my time better these days. Actually getting study done in uni hours, in breaks, at lunch time. Its very goot! Albeit alittle rone-ry :'( But hey, the work isn't going to do itself. Do you want to do it? ;) Ehyyy, thats what she said. And yeh, I can't study so well with people around, I just talk and talk and joke and talk and joke.

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