Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Do you have any grapes?

So my exam results are finally out.. from what I've seen on facebook, all these dent kids posting celebratory statuses. Gah, I don't want to check :\
If I fail like I did on my trial exam- Yes, I failed. White fail too, not asian fail. LOL - then.. I have to make it up in the end of year exam, which is probably going to be retardedly harder. I can't do that people, I can't. Unless I pull myself out of life, and study every single day. No badminton, no friends, no partying, no relationships. Oh hot dayum. Please dentistry, fudge off!
Why am I worrying like a shizzle right now? Cause I honestly think that I did bad.
I remember in year12, I'd always say 'oh man, I failed, I did so bad'. But in my sly head, I thought to myself that I'd be okay, that there was no way I'd ever fail. LOL this time is so different, I'm not getting that feeling of invincible-ness, ya know?

Guess there isn't much else I can do but check the results. Wish me luck?

Okay.. just came back from rolling on the ground. Laughing? Or crying.
I guess thats for me to know, and you to find out.


I'm so invincible now, nothing can hurt me. JUST TRY AND GET ME DOWN, BISH! LOL. Actually just spent about 4minutes rolling around squealing and saying 'very goot very goot very goot' HAHA you should have seen me. It was epic.

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