Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What's up, Chupachup?

Nothing much, which is why I haven't had the urge to blog.. which is weird let me tell you. I used to be like Oh -nothing to do right now, BUT I CAN BLOG :D
Haha.. What happened Jun, what happened :\
SO going to u19s in a couple days, I can't believe its already time. It's all happening so quickly. One week of holidays has passed already, still have not accomplished anything.. Although I did take up jogging again, which is good. Want to be lookin' good for the Summer, ya know? ;) winkadoodle. Ah.. wish I had a treadmill, I'd totes feel alot safer when running.
I swear I get too paranoid when I'm out at the park alone.. So many bushes.. someone is probably hiding in there just WAITING to burst out and BAM! Raped. LOL i joke.. but still.. scary.
I guess this is where I face my fears. Or just run alittle faster around the bushes.

So what's new? I've made plans to be a good student next semester. And these plans are not going to fall through. No distractions. Except for badminton. Cause badminton is cool. HAHA. yeeee! I totally had too low of an expectation when it came to studying last sem. Need to raise the bar and strive to improve!! Gosh, sounds so idiotic. BUT YEH.

AND did you know, I found the coolest thing ever.

Yeh thats right, YOU BE JELLY. The head opens up and you put your toothbrush head inside. Now my toothbrush bristles will never be susceptable to dirt fallage. HAHA if that even makes sense. Teeheeee. Love it :)
Guess I should get packing for Friday. BYE my sexy munchkins.

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