Wednesday, July 20, 2011

the F profanity word

Is it just me, or is there a period of time in everybody's life where you just feel like you're just ALWAYS second to someone else and nothing you do is ever 'good' enough?
Whether it be in sport, relationships, friendships, sibling-ship, looks, books or personality?
I'm having one of those periods. I don't know.
I'm sure its just me over thinking again, but I wish I didn't feel this way. Its not good for my brain!
After losing in singles tonight, I sat outside on the curb and it was just my itouch and I. Ah, refreshing to be alone with music. It feels like lately I've just been constantly surrounded by people. Not that I don't like the company, but alone is good. It wasn't because I lost that I was so sad and anti-social, losing singles is a regular thing- :P I think its just with everything thats been happening, its getting to me a tad. Just a tad. pole. LOL tadpole. Just a frog. HAHAH why so funny, Jun?
But then when you're already feeling sad and the upside down smile is just stuck on your face, when people notice it and ask you 'are you okay'.. just makes you want to cry even more, doesn't it? Psssh, what are you on about, I'm not weak, I'm a tank-ster.

Anywho enough of the whining about life, how have you been? :)
Today I gave my friend a haircut. LOL You could say that he is quite a brave and BOLD person. If you get my drift. HAHAHAH. Sexy. Chh, I think it looks alright anyways, doesn't matter what anyone says!
I also met my friend's grandma. Let me say that she is quite the awesome woman. HAHA she reminds me of my own grandma :P Like, she doesn't mean to be rude, but ends up saying something rude anyways, but in a funny way. Just like when we were cooking pasta, we were like 'Oh, I don't think you'd want to eat this.. it looks so bad..'
Granny was just like 'Ofcourse its bad, there is no meat in it!'
'.. but Jun's vegetarian.' o:
LOL then she goes on about how good being vegetarian is, and how good vegies taste. LOL naw, so cute. I want to be just like her when I age up!

5more days of holiday left, what should I do? Want to go watch Harry potter 7 part2 sometime, but don't know which friend group to see it with.. And not sure who has or hasn't seen it yet. Maybe I'll just take my plush apple man to the movies. Also want to catch up with my cousin.. my primary school friend, high school friends and also the u19's team. Not enough time lah. Nom nom nom. Too bad too sad lolol. Ah, should also talk to that boy sometime soon. Gah, boys. Sick of it.

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