Friday, July 1, 2011

why do I always end up with odd socks.

Counting sheep does not work at all when you're trying to make yourself fall to sleep. I doubt counting ANYTHING will make me sleep. I think I might have some kind of disorder.. whats that called. Where you think of something, then get distracted by something else and then keep getting off track with your thoughts until you don't even remember what you were thinking about in the first place. I'll start off thinking about the sheep, and end up thinking about my 7th birthday when all I got were books. Yeh. off track indeed.

Holidays are FINALLY here, and although yes I was waaaaiting for this period to come, its finally here and yet, what am I doing with my life? Lol. I'll tell you.
Last night I watched 'Did you hear about the Morgans?" which I might add is an awesome sauce movie, so funny yet romantic :) Ended up sleeping around 3am, woke up the next day at 1:30pm, ate lunch, bummed around my house and got bored, then went back to sleep at 3pm until dinner. Ate dinner, watched another movie and then slept. LOL so much for a wonderful holiday!
I might as well think up some things/projects/missions to go on before I die of boredom.
Tomorrow I start off with doing my laundry. HAHA indeeeedy.

I'm thinking.. I'm in desperate need of a change. To do something different. Get a haircut, re-arrange my room, buy some new clothes, try out different styles, hang out with different people once in a while. I don't know. Do you ever feel at some point like you've gotten bored, seeing the same person in the mirror everyday? HAHA surprised the mirror hasn't cracked. Must be a sturdy, sturdy mirror LOL joke. I sometimes wish i could change the way I look. Just a bit. But don't we all?

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