Monday, July 18, 2011

The fastest ten days of my life

Cereally they went by like BOOOP! Went over to Sydney for the u19 nationals and CP maddern tournament with the SA team, and let me say that we did awesome. Haha Well, awesomely for our shitty standards. To be honest we were all expecting to come last this year, but what do you know, managed to come 8th out of ten :D HAHA sounds really bad I know, but hey, we put in alot of effort and hard work into it.After every trip, no matter where its held, even in a hole like Launceston or Ballarat, I always end up missing it. Right now I just want to go back to where we were and you know, chill.

Back to the places where nothing mattered, we only had to play badminton, mingle like a sexy pringle and be awesome.

I've got to say though, after so many days of competition, one after another, waking up at 6am everyday feeling like every bone in your body has a problem, I got pretty sick of badminton. LOL never thought I would say that. But there, I said it.
Lucky we got to have a quick look around Sydney on the last two days, and man.. compared to Sydney, Adelaide is small. Very small. That's what she said. LOL. I'm definately going to go back to Sydney and spend a few more days there one day.. Its really beautiful at night :)
Oh, Guess what, I touched the Sydney Opera House! Hahaha. Ye ye ye ye! Up there on the top steps with good friends, what more could you ask for!? But there were alot of couples there too, eating each others face. Cute.. All the lights made it an awesomely romantic setting.

Ofcourse, It wouldn't have been fun without Winnie the Choo, the most awesomest coach in the world. Really.
Think we managed to turn all the white people on our team asian, and make all the innocent ones kinky. HAHA. You'll probably hear us all saying 'Very gooot!' and 'That's what she said' alot for a while :) Will miss you all, my chubby munchkins. Ah, even you, Carrot top.

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