Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cheese burger.

Turns out that camp tickets were more expensive that I thought.. cause I'm not an AUDSS member-_- which reminds me I should go get membership.
So I'm ready to have an awesome time this weekend, and come back to a pile of work >:\ It's okay, everything will work itself out sooner or later, I'll get things done eventually :)

Look at the cute panda ice-cream :D Not sure if it was exactly chocolate flavoured though.. tasted like fake-chocolate, if you know what I mean. No? LOL okay.-_-btw I learnt how to take pictures in macro on my phone :D Smart cookie, I am.
I'm off to badminton in a minute, I really shouldn't though.. work load is getting bigger.. But you know, when there is something fun to look forward to, it makes you just want to leave all the crap til later. Mabes I should cut down on the badminton for a while..
Nah, impossible :)

Bought my black clinic pants today, they look like man pants-_- Make me look like.. an awkward balloon. And I didn't get around to buying a business shirt so I'll just wear a normal tee. Fail whale!! So much for being organised :\
Oh man. I don't remember how it happened but during conversation with my mum, she let it slip that she thinks i'm pretty O: LOL and so naturally i was happy and went to my dad: "Did you hear that, Dad? Mum said I look pretty." Dad just starts going on about how I believe everything people say, and that the only thing a guy needs to say to get me to fall for them is to tell me that I'm pretty.-_- gosh. Is that what they think of me? .. How did the conversation turn to this?
So I just punched him and ran off. LOL not manly at all! =)

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