Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's like a flash bang, in your face!

Dent camp 2011, was pretty fun. At night time anyways. Then in the morning everyone is just all blur and not feeling too good. Then night time comes around again and.. need I say more? Haha.. I wouldn't really call it a 'camp', rather two nights of party, loud music and ridiculous laughter! Also the odd stupid people that were smart enough to bring weed and smokes? What retards. I smack them on the bum. If I wern't scared of getting hurt LOL So first night there the theme was 'into the wild'. Being the super creative person i am, i made an effort to wear a leopard print. Haha yeh, its sarcasm this time guys! Gah, i totally forgot to take a picture with the giant penguin and the bunny rabbit. Sigh.. next time :)
Partying went way into the early hours. Got into bed around 5am, and even then retards kept coming in attacking with water balloons and shaving cream.-_- So the next day was well spent napping :)

You can probably tell the 2nd night's theme was 'sports superstar' or something, which is awesome, since I spend like half my life in badminton clothes. Lame? I think NOT :)
So I really don't regret going, even though as I was leaving I seriously considered ditching the camp and just spending time with a certain awesome Vietnam cookie :) HAHA. But that just goes to show.. you never know until you give it a try. Found some people that are actually as lame as me! LOL These kids actually laughed at my chicken joke. Mabes its cause they're Singapore.

Ps. New song in the side-bar, go press play and listen :) Just let it melt your heart with all it's cuteness. If you want another awesome song to listen to, go search 'Don't go home' by GD and TOP. LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN!!
Jibe kajima, baby! =)) Totes my new head-bopping song.

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