Saturday, March 12, 2011

I can't help it, I'm a girl.

Everything I try to say comes out too cheesy, and I don't want to scare you off LOL So lets just say, I'm happy to have you here, making me happy. =)) Double chin love.

Went to watch 'No Strings Attached' last night, i recommend that you go see it! Now! hahah.. yeh it was pretty good, romantic but heaps funny too :)
Ashton Kutcher always makes for awesome laughs. In the movie his dad was sleeping with his ex. How awkward turtle... But then again, its only awkward if you make it. LOL actually i take that back, this is one situation where that rule doesn't apply. And so they were "tunnel buddies." Ewwwwwww..

Anyways, today was an awesome person's 18th birthday, Happy Birthday Rose-smay! :D Thought that we should go wake her up on her birthday, since she let it slip that she wanted to have cake for breakfast. HAHA... present is coming soon, my love. Lol, hope we made it a memorable birthday, old person. Gosh, why am I the youngest.-_- It's okay, you guys can go party. I'll have my OWN party. In my room. And jelly-fish myself..
Oh, exciting news, I bought some super-silky super-man shorts :D weeeee ahhaahha.. they're so silky.. touch them, touch them!!! Oh but too bad you can't. Cause you're missing out! HAHA.. so comfortable. No... they arn't mens..o_o I don't wear mens boxers. LOL ok, they are.. don't judge me! They were on special, what more could you ask for? :)

Referring back to JLo's blog post.. If you have something to say to your special other, just say it. Relationships are all about trust arn't they? Or so I've heard. LOL well yeh, so just trust that he/she will take what you have to say, even if its something bad. Mabes the relationship will be even better after you tell her whats bothering you! Open up, chupachup! :D HAHA yes, laugh at that cause it was genuinely funny. Came off the top of my head too! Didn't have to think about it for thaaat long.. Anywho, you need to at least find out how he/she thinks of the problem.. they might not even realise that you're bothered by it!
If you think they arn't making an effort.. mabes they have different views on what a relationship means. Maybe to her, a relationship doesn't mean that you have to keep doing things for the other person. Maybe to her, it means just being there with you, sharing the fun :) You won't know til you raise the issue! After all, she'll be there through good times and bad roite? :D
Dent camp is coming up soon.. to go, or not to go? From what I've heard its not good unless you get drunk. Something I prefer never to experience. But i guess it'll be fun, getting to know the 'dent crew' or whatever-_-mabes I'll go for one day.
P.s, getting a laptop tomorow using the extra money from scholarship :D haha.. love being on youth allowance. And plus, second to last driving lesson I'm hoping?


  1. looks like u're about to flash ur boobs in the photo lol :P hehe

  2. LOL ELYSIA, WHAT BOOBS? XD no boob to flash