Saturday, February 26, 2011

Stop making me laugh, my six pack hurts!

Miss seeing these people every day at school.. I think I took it for granted, how I was able to see them every day just by rocking up at school. Now I have to make extra effort to organise to meet up.. since everyone is separated now *sad face*. They're the people that were always there for me these past 5 years, and made sure that I laughed every few minutes. :)
We all met up for Matthew's 'surprise' 17th birthday dinner, it was a fail surprise though, as from what I've heard all surprises usually are :\ But nevertheless an awesome -expensive- night. LOL yes, I'm here again with my cheapness, cause thats the way I roll, jiggaboo! I'm so cheap that, when I went to sushi train yesterday, I just kept drinking excessive amounts of green tea and water to make myself full so that I wouldn't take anymore overpriced sushi. LOL you probably think I'm weird now if you don't already-_-. Oh well! haha..I don't think I'll be going to Wasai again anytime soon, atleast not til I get a job. Don't hate me, Wasai fans, for saying this but it wasn't even that yummy!! Good presentation though, I shall give you that.

Question, do I look intimidating to you? Cause apparently I do. LOL i'm sorry if I give off such a gay impression! Hmm, I think alot of people these days are way too quick to judge.
I mean, take my dad for example. He sees a dude with dyed hair and instantly assumes that the guy is no good and will chop me if he catches me hanging with him. I mean, why the hate? LOL. He always does that, just randomly, on the street... hahah but seriously stereotype much?
You really shouldn't judge people before you get to know them. Yeh I've done it more than a few times, but thats something I'm working on you'll be pleased to know :D
SO many times I've been like -that girl looks snobby, but then only to find out that shes one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. If you think about it, how much would you hate it if people judged YOU simply based on how you look, decide that you're a bitch then never introduce themselves? That could have been your future friend/best friend/girlfriend/boyfriend/partner, whichever way you swing ;) lol. You never know! J-J-Join me in leaving the judgement until AFTER you properly meet people :)

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